Labor Day Playlist: Beats, Beer, and BacoBurgers

Talia Aroshas
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This weekend marks one of the biggest holidays for America. Labor Day weekend: the day we celebrate working. Hoorah!

And how do we do it? By taking a day off work to throw parties and get drunk, of course. Because that is the American way.

Sometimes, there are also barbecues involved. Okay, actually a lot of times there are barbecues involved. As a matter of fact, you’re probably going to one, or throwing one. Either way, you can use a playlist, and also, some tips on grilling. Well, not so much tips, but photos of the most delicious burgers ever. We would know because we tried them.

BacoBurgers are high-quality bacon-enhanced burgers made of some of Wagyu beef and premium smoked bacon from Pennsylvania Dutch Country. It’s online store offers over thirty beef and chicken products, and is, duh, perf for your labor day barbecue.


And without further ado, burgers, bacon and tunes.

1. Receive highly anticipated box.




2. Take out burgers.


3. Find scenic place for fun holiday grilling.



4. Take out burger buns.




5. Set fire.




6. Place burgers on grill.




7. Let the grilling begin.




8. Keep grilling.




9. Add in some vitamin A.




10. Take in the sunset and try not to spill ketchup on your white outfit because that’s a bitch.




And lastly, here are some tunes:

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