@HungryGrls NYC Restaurant Guide: by CHLOE. Is Absolute Vegan Perfection

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Chef Chloe Coscarelli has an impressive resume: she landed first place on The Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” in 2010, published three best-selling cookbooks before she was 27. In her latest business venture, Coscarelli partnered with leading hospitality organization, ESquared Hospitality, to open by CHLOE., an expertly curated American-casual eatery on McDougal Street in New York City’s West Village. Even more impressive than Coscarelli’s laundry list of accomplishments is that she achieved all of this without using an ounce of cheese…we mean animal product.

The restaurant, which opened last month, has a surprisingly warm feel. No — it’s not quiet, and yes — finding a seat may involve some strategizing (it’s still New York, after all), but the bright decor and calm staff immediately make you feel at home. Coscarelli and her business partner, Samantha Wasser, are so passionate about their restaurant that the line in their lives between “work” and “life” is nearly non-existent. In fact, when they were developing the menu, Coscarelli found herself spending so much time experimenting in her kitchen that she eventually just pulled her bed out of her room, and positioned it next to her stove. Brilliant? We think so.

And the results? Delicious items like mac & cheese made with sweet potato sauce and mushroom “bacon,” dairy-free kale and cookie dough ice cream, and pesto meatballs with cashew mozzarella that make you forget there’s no dairy or meat involved.

Coscarelli and Wasser spent months crafting the entirely plant-based menu for by CHLOE. from scratch, which is reminiscent of 1950’s classic American cuisine but sticks true to its mission of “sharing delicious, wholesome, plant-based food that fuels and energizes without compromising flavor, taste or satisfaction.” Unlike most vegan restaurants in New York, by CHLOE. has lines spilling out the door (with no signs of slowing down), reasonable prices, and men huddled together talking about their fantasy football drafts.

Okay, now back to the good stuff: the food. Anyone who makes delicious mac n’ cheese without dairy is pretty much a miracle worker in our book. The “creamy” sauce made from sweet potato and the bacon-inspired crunchy mushrooms that topped it make you forget that you’re eating vegan food (and make you forget that calories exist as well).



The quinoa taco and spicy Thai salads were two of our favorite dishes as well — satisfying to the point that we weren’t even a little bit envious of our neighbors who were sinking their teeth into CHLOE’s decked out “burgers.”

We can't even vegan to tell you how damn good this tasted. #hungrygrls

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And of course, never pass on the side of fries. Air baked and accompanied by awesome dips (our fave), they are an absolute must.
Finally, to finish off this decadent vegan meal, the homemade ice creams are out of this world. We are still dreaming about the kale cookies n’ cream and coffee chia chip made with Stumptown coffee beans. Sweet vegan dreams are indeed made of these. As hungrygrls, we don’t discriminate against any variety of food, but we found ourselves pleasantly surprised with the way by CHLOE. changes up the vegan food game. We’re excited to have added it to our regular rotation.



During our most recent visit, we were struck by Coscarelli and Schultz’s outward involvement. Within five minutes of arriving each partner personally greeted us. We watched as they fluttered around the restaurant chatting with guests, bussing tables, and taking orders at the register. Talk about customer service — this is a place where you walk into and feel all the feels that Chloe and Sam have intentionally created.