Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Switched Hair Colors For Paris Fashion Week

Not going to lie, I am a little jealous of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid’s friendship. I mean, they are such good friends that they did a hair color swap (not to be confused with the newest Snapchat filter) and still looked flawless.

Yep, this was real life. Doesn’t Paris look good on them? And not to mention they get to wear the most amazing clothing from one fashion week to the next. This week it was Balmain.

The KenGi Swap

The hair color swap was done for friend and creative director of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing’s fashion show on Thursday.

Rousteing wanted to open his show with a creative surprise, and that is exactly what he accomplished with Balmain-branded wigs for all the supermodels.

I, for one, loved this concept. He also went light on the make-up for each model, wanting to show off the soft colors of his newest collection and of course, the hair swaps. With Kendall Jenner opening the show, we all knew it could only get better from there, and it did not disappoint.

Now, let’s just chat quickly about this season’s collection, since I am slightly obsessed with it all. I mostly saw pale blue and pastel pink, which are looking to be the colors of spring. Suede was a huge feature of the show, including the high knee boots that most of the models walked down the runway in. I never will say no to black clothing, since more than half of my wardrobe is black. So let’s just say I was a fan of the loads of black that were premiered on the runway. There was no limit when it came to feathers, fringe, tassels or velvet. I love that Balmain is kind of breaking the fashion rules (not like there are any limits nowadays), and by incorporating velvet into spring style. This collection is bomb.

When the supermodel best friends weren’t walking the runways, they strolled around Paris in their “casual” wear, day and night. Might I say that maybe they inhabited each others’ personal style as well as the hair? Kendall was sporting Gigi’s signature thick neck choker, while Gigi sported Kendall’s chic but rocker style. Both looked effortlessly stylish with their fur accents and virtually matching best friend aviators the day of the show. Kendall was definitely not shy about hiding her rock hard abs. But to be clear, if I had abs like that, I would flaunt them too. You go, Kendall.

Come nighttime après the Balmain show, the two went for pale pink outfits, by Balmain, of course. Still rocking the color-swap hairstyles, by now we were starting to get used to this. But what could ever look bad on Gigi and Kendall? Their fashion week style has been top notch and has not gone unnoticed.

I am not sure that anything can top these friendship goal moments… ‘til next season Balmain.

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