PHOTO + VIDEO RECAP: What You Missed At Moonrise Music Festival

For starters, big festivals like Tomorrowworld and EDC have spoiled me so I wasn’t sure what to expect from a festival out in Baltimore. After looking around, I couldn’t believe this was all a short bus ride from Manhattan. The Pimlico Race Course provided tons of space between all the stages, a problem that many Goveball goers wish they had.

With that said, let’s talk specifics. First off, the lineup. Once again, Moonrise packed in some heavy hitters with equally impressive mid weight artists that I happily got to discover. My favorite sets would have to be that of The Glitch Mob, and of course, Porter Robinson’s, whose live set was beautiful with it’s nonstop song-based graphics.




The overall festival layout was really awesome. All four stages were easy to navigate to and from and a brightly lit ferris wheel crowned the center of the event space.Tent stages seem to have a planetarium effect for me. I was especially impressed by the hammock friendliness of the Lunar stage. It sported half a dozen pole set-ups in addition to a brightly designed cabana chill zone.

The Celestial Garden stage was super cute with the Ivy cubets that were perfect for munching my midday crab cakes under. They touched on Maryland tradition for the festivalgoers who didn’t get a chance to explore the city.

The white ceiling of the Solar Dance Tent made all the visuals really pop and surround you in a magical way. Last but not least, a hula hoopers dream, the Stellar Stage. Sporting tons of space, never-ending stage dancers, and some event staff who loved putting their make shift water canons to use on the crowd, this was a fun space to let loose. I even got on (even though you’re not suppose to) some gated off wooden box in the middle of the crowd with my friends and waved to MS54. They waved back by the way, before a really nice event staffer beckoned us down.



The staff here was truly gracious. I’ve never been handed so many water bottles or lollypops in my life. Usually, you never see anyone who works at a festival unless they are behind a booth, and they certainly weren’t smiling as big as these guys were.



The prices of everything were amazing —  a festival that has mercy on your wallet. Higher end beers were $7 versus the $10+ prices I usually see. Mixed drinks, wine, and food also had stellar prices, cheaper than any Manhattan club, pub or bar. If you didn’t feel like buying anything, they had you covered there too. Free samples of Mike’s Hard, promo gifts, a giant yellow mechanical bull…shark, a fun booth from the ever-amazing Echostage, and seemingly endless amounts of free energy drinks (thanks Rock Star).

Everything was truly put together. Mark it on your calendar because these guys keep bringing back amazing music!







Article by Sarah Emerson, Photos + Video by Adam Wamsley