Personal Branding: Why You Need A Website To Elevate Your Career

As a Career Branding Specialist, Niels Reib help professionals attract the career they want and deserve through Authentic Career Branding, so they can unleash their full potential and live a more fulfilled life, doing what they love with less stress and more to give to the most important people around them. With his mix of Scandinavian humility and American confidence, Niels has helped and inspired people to showcase their professional skills from Denmark to Los Angeles.

As I covered in another article, we’re spending more time online and on social media than ever and leaving footprints all over the place for future employers and recruiters to find. And since 93 percent of recruiters admits to scanning candidates online profiles, having a significant online presence and career brand can help you land that next job you’ve targeted.

I’ve talked about the importance of having an optimized profile and presence on LinkedIn in a prior article, but there’s a catch if you base your entire career brand on a social platform. With all the social media platforms we’re on today, it’s easy to forget one thing that can have a damaging effect on our career.

You don’t own anything you share on social media and you’re not in control. The latest platform to announce they’ll shoot down is Vine, which means that everyone that has spent time creating thousands of Vine videos will have nothing to show for in the next year unless they’ve made sure to connect with their followers some other way.

The same thing can happen to any of the other platforms you’re on today, including LinkedIn. So, don’t rely on any of them if you’re serious about your online career brand, which has become vital if you want to succeed in your career. Just think about how it could affect your career if you spent time growing an extensive professional network on LinkedIn writing blog posts, but then you get hacked, or it all shuts down. None of us know where LinkedIn or any other platform will be in 5 or 10 years from now. What would you have to show for it then?

In a sense, you’re building your brand on a rented lot where you don’t own any of the content shared, and don’t have control of anything when you base your entire career brand on social media.


The best way to be in control of your online presence and have complete ownership of the content you create is by setting up a personal career website and putting your content there.

Think of a personal career website as your home base and social media as the place where you invite people to visit that base for the content you share on other platforms. That way you keep your content where you’re in control, and it’ll be easy to refer a future employer to a particular blog post or for someone to find you on Google, based on the items created because you’ll have it all in one place.

In my next article, I’ll share how a personal career website can be a game-changer for you and your career. I’ll share some personal stories to show how having a website changed my career, and I’ll throw in some strategies you can put to use to help you stand out and get job opportunities based on the things you’re most passionate about professionally.

In the meantime, you can take the career brand test here, get your score and action steps to improve your online presence.