Out With The Old, In With The New: Spring Cleaning Your Life

Colleen Woodward
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Spring has arrived (well, technically it’s still annoyingly cold on the east coast, but still). That means the flowers are in bloom, the winter jackets are being stuffed away, and majority of our parents have the “spring cleaning” jitters. For example, without even calling to check, I’m willing to bet that my Dad has already cleaned out the garage and is prematurely getting his boat spruced up and ready for summer.

And as annoying as it was to be a part of the “spring cleaning” festivities when we were younger, there may be something of value to this concept that us 20somethings should think about.

For instance, are there people in your life that have been bringing you deep down into the negativity of the “winter blues”? Have you been drowning your sorrows in one-night stands and one too many vodka tonics?

If so, maybe you are due for a “spring cleaning.”

Remember how your Mom would make you deep clean your room and remove the clutter (aka clothes to be donated, rotting food, etc)?  Well, it’s time to do the same to your mind, body and soul. The concept sounds a bit wacky — to “spring clean ourselves,” but the benefits are worth it.

Now that winter’s over, it’s time to drop the bullshit we’ve been putting up with throughout the cold months. Whatever has been weighing you down — it’s time to toss it. Just like how you would dig through your old clothes and decide what to get rid of, use the same method and do a little mind sweeping. What has been clouding your thoughts, feelings and life in general?

It could be a really negative co-worker who needs to be told that enough is enough, or a relationship that just needs to go, or some of those bad habits (like drinking too much wine and binge watching TV…guilty!) you’ve developed while being cooped up all winter.

Think of this as a clean slate and allow the new season to re-vamp your life. Find new ways to challenge yourself, improve and enjoy life a little more. Try that new yoga class across the street from work that you’ve been too intimidated to go to, or try finding a new hobby. I mean, who knows — pottery could be your thing! Whatever it is, get out there with a new set of eyes, a fresh outlook, and try to “cleanse” your mind, just like you would your closet full of clothes you never wear.

If this doesn’t cut it for you, take a vacation. Seriously, what better way to get out of your cluttered life than escaping it for a little while? Take a break from the hustle, go somewhere relaxing, meet new people, visit old friends, and get out of that day to day routine you’ve slipped into. Even if it’s just a weekend trip somewhere, nothing clears the mind quite like getting away.

Spring is a time of change; the flowers are blooming, the trees are coming back to life, and so should you. I never thought I would use my parents’ “spring cleaning” craze in my own life, but as a 20something trying to figure out this new adult world it is absolutely necessary. So, get out of the slump you’ve put yourself in after these long winter months.

Get a new perspective on life and deep clean the shit out of your apartment (because you probably are never going to wear those twenty pairs of shoes you’ve accumulated). Then go outside and “spring clean” your mind. Whether it’s with a trip, a new book, a hobby, or just ridding yourself of the negative relationships in your life — it’s time to be out with the old and in with the new.

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