The 5 Most Flattering Hairstyles To Rock With A Turtleneck

The leaves have fallen, and that means your necklines have risen. Yes, everybody, it’s turtleneck season. As you transition your style to cozier looks, it’s important that your hairstyle works with them. Here are my top five hairstyles to help you look cool while you keep warm in your turtleneck this fall!


The messy tousled high pony

This hairstyle looks great whether your turtleneck is loose or fitted. Pull a couple of hairs out in the front and tousle the back to look exactly like Hailey Baldwin (JK, but maybe similar).



The Top Knot

Don’t we all want to be like Gigi Hadid? Yeah… if only. To be your own form of Gigi this fall, try a messy top knot paired with your cozy turtleneck. *Bonus points for adding a huge pair of shades for the sunny fall days ahead.



The Low Braid

While I was hesitant to try this hairstyle paired with a turtleneck, it turned out to be a great alternative to the played out low pony. It’s perfect for second day hair and, to be honest, a braid is cute on anyone.



Beach Waves

You don’t need to be at the beach to pull this hairstyle off. HELLO, if you’re wearing a turtleneck, it has to be a little chilly out. This hairstyle looks amazing with a fitted turtleneck and pulls the whole outfit together.



The Lob

This classic pairing accentuates your turtleneck and it couldn’t be easier — if you already have a lob, that is. If you rock a lob you should just consider wearing a turtleneck everyday. No really, they’re great.




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