Our Thoughts Are With Hoboken: How To Stay Positive In The Wake Of Tragedy

I woke up today thinking about nothing in general. I turned on the TV and was astounded to see the news about the crash of the Hoboken train. The tragic incident really got me thinking about how quickly life goes, and just how much of it we all take for granted.

People boarded the train they take everyday. They had their coffees in hand and newspapers tucked neatly under their arms as they continued with their daily routine. They sat down in their seats, trying to wake up from the zombified slumber of the morning. The person next to them was most likely a stranger and they more than likely didn’t start a conversation because that’s just how people working in New York operate.

The New Jersey Transit train rolled down the tracks. But then something happened. The train didn’t slow down as it entered the Hoboken Train Terminal and crashed into the station, killing one and injuring more than 100.

Tragedies happen all the time. They are mostly events that don’t affect the average person. People wander through life noticing that bad things happen, but they generally happen “over there” and not in our backyards. After the crash, I thought about how we walk through life blindly. We don’t understand how precious things are until we lose them — until they are taken from us. Each day should be a gift.

People need to take some time to slow down and realize that there is so much beauty in the world that we take for granted. We all need to start appreciating the wonderful things that we have, on a daily basis.

So, today, please go out of your way to be thankful.

Kiss the people you love. Let them know that you appreciate them and that you need them in your life. Say hello to a stranger who appears to be down. You don’t know how far your words will actually resonate with that person. It’s easy to uplift someone’s day, but we often are so consumed with our own “problems” that we don’t go out of our way to do so.

Everyone has the ability to make someone else’s life better. It starts with small acts built on each other — like bricks stacked to create a glorious monument. The world is a pretty unfair and shitty place sometimes, but the only way to make it more enjoyable is to be a kind and genuine person. If everyone made it a goal to be better every day, the world would feel a little warmer, a little more comfortable, and a little less scary.

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