The Perfect BFF Date Night, As Told Through A ‘Seven Lions’ Show

Evangeline Axiotis
Evangeline Axiotis goes by many nicknames, (mainly inappropriate ones), but most people know her as a music festival junkie. She's currently going through a quarter-life crisis. Her biggest supporter is her dad who constantly reminds her that raving is not a real job - but she hopes to change that soon. She can also recite any Biggie Smalls song by heart.

There’s nothing like sharing love for the same music with your best friend. I mean, if you don’t love the same music, how close are you really?

There’s an unspoken bond when you freak out over the same parts of a song, or when you belt out the lyrics at the top of your lungs, or when you synchronize your dance moves, or even when you fake sob in each others arms – okay maybe that’s just us, but you get the point. That’s why going to a show with your best friend will always be the best time.

Last week, Seven Lions was playing at Terminal 5, and to say my best friend and I are obsessed is an understatement. We made last minute plans to go and it was 100% worth the splitting headache at work the next day.

Let me take you through our BFF date night and hopefully share some pointers for you and your best friend:

The pregame

Showing up to Terminal 5 stone-cold sober is just not an option, especially for a Seven Lions show. We decided to find the cheapest bar near the apartment and get right to it.

We started with a couple of beers to ease ourselves into the aggressive Thursday night ahead of us. The pregame is also the perfect time to catch up at a place where the music is not so loud. We knew once we got to Terminal 5 that the only form of communication would be through our dance moves, which we’re actually pretty good at by now. We talked each others’ ears off and ended up getting free shots of pickle backs at the bar for being the only two girls in there (go us!).


Getting there

Cab was the best choice since Terminal 5 is practically located in the Hudson River. Taking a cab also gives us an excuse to jam out to music and get ourselves pumped for the show. We love getting the cab driver involved too if we can.

It’s really Russian Roulette with drivers. Sometimes you’ll get a person that loves to rock out with you and sometimes you won’t even be allowed to play music, which is the biggest buzzkill before a night out. Luckily, we got the former. We turned the windows down and the music wayyy up.


Settling in

First things first: finding the bathrooms. Now is the time to wait in line and flush those couple of beers out of our systems to make room for the rest. Then it’s time to check our coats and make a bee line to the bar. Once we get a drink in our hands, we’re like two giddy school girls chasing each other around Terminal 5.


The openers

Openers are meant to get your blood flowing and get you warmed up for the main attraction, our man Seven Lions. We didn’t care much about the first opener, so we used this time to feel out the venue and figure out which spot we want to post up at once Seven Lions comes on. We traveled around the balcony that overlooks the main level with the stage. It was packed down there, but we saw some openings toward the back so we headed down and navigated our way through the crowd – a true art form in itself.


Seven Lions

When the music slowed down and the lights dimmed we realized Seven Lions was about to take the stage. His first song was magical. It had been so long since we both have seen him that It felt like the first time. We turned toward each other multiple times throughout his set freaking out. Our hands were in the air majority of the time, except for when we were covering our mouths in awe or holding each other. God, we love Seven Lions.

Toward the end, we decided we didn’t have enough room to fully dance. We love having plenty of space to twirl around so we headed back up to the balcony. After another hour of dancing, some selfies, and filtering an Instagram pic, we knew our work here was done.


Another successful night out with the bestie and a hangover to prove it. Thank you, Seven Lions!

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