Review Of One Direction’s ‘Made In The A.M.’ From One Fangirl To Another

Talia Aroshas
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There is only one kind of person who genuinely cares enough to read a One Direction album review, and only one kind of person they would hear it from. The here answer to both is a One Direction fangirl. And I am a proud one.

I must say, I had my doubts about “Made in the A.M.” Some had to do with Zayne’s departure and the news of One Direction’s imminent “break,” but most of my uncertainty lie in the fact that “Four” was kind of — and I hate to say it — a major let down. Don’t get me wrong, I listened to it on repeat for a week at least, and saw them on tour, but overall, the album was missing that sprinkle of One Direction magic. That magic is back and better than ever with “Made in the A.M.” 

As per usual, the boys shine best on upbeat, danceable tracks: “Wolves,” “Temporary Fix,” “History” and “Never Enough” ooze with charismatic charm. But 1D also hits the jackpot on some of the slower jams that bring out all the feels, such as in “A.M” and “Long Way Down.” And a shoutout must also be given to the track “Hey Angel” for very clearly showcasing that when it comes to your typical boy band, One Direction is not one, and don’t you dare try to pigeonhole them into one sound.

Without further ado, an “official” ranking of the tracks.


17. What A Feeling

Lacking a catchy hook and fun beat, this song would play very well in elevators, but is not so great to bounce around in your room to.

16. If I Could Fly

Although sweet and heartfelt, the boys shine best with upbeat tracks.

15. I Want To Write You A Song

See above comment.

14. Love You Goodbye

One of the stronger slow songs, this jam sports some naughty lyrics that sound so romantic when sung by 1D.

13. End of the Day

Not a Les Mis cover. Still good, though.

12. Drag Me Down

I was really into this song when it first came out, but it sort of pales in comparison to many others on the album.

11. Never Enough

This song has got that perfect mix of 1D swag and old school vibes dancing on top of a fun pop beat. And the harmonies in this are just magic.

10. Temporary Fix

Ladies, in this song the boys give you permission to use them however you want to. Yes please.

9. Walking in the Wind

The best way to sum up this song is that it is this album’s “Ready to Run” or “Through the Dark.” Hopefully that makes sense to people other than just me.

8. Long Way Down

This slow jam is a cut above all the others, offering a greater appeal to a wider audience, mature sound and relative un-sappyness.

7. Olivia

The boys showcase their unique boy band sound with such songs as “Olivia,” a sound that other man groups could never get away with. No offense, 90s boy bands.

6. A.M

The track that is most likely responsible for the album title does not disappoint, especially with lyrics like “We’re just spinning ’round in our glasses, talking out of our asses.”

5. Wolves

This song is so great. It’s just so great. Like really really great. I will be dancing around in my room to this for weeks (months).

4. Hey Angel

“Hey Angel” shines with its roaring chorus and rock and roll vibe.

3. Infinity

Sigh *Cue the feels*

2. History 

I would have made this song #1 but that would have been biased. Mind you, I’m aware this whole list is possibly biased. I really love this song.

1. Perfect

This song is literally the perfect 1D song.  How appropriate.

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