OMG ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Is Back! 5 Episodes To Re-watch ASAP

Becca Van Sambeck
Becca is a recent Fordham grad, a former German beer hall girl, and a new Brooklyn resident who used to read the dictionary for fun as a kid. She has only gotten slightly less lame since then. She loves pugs, chicken fingers, reading and Game of Thrones.

Praise be April 15 , the day that we’ll finally get a new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt streaming on Netflix! The show tells the uh..fascinatin’ transition of a cult survivor to a millennial New Yorker, and was easily one of the funniest shows that debuted last year. We know you’ll be locking yourself in your room this weekend to devour the second season, so in order to prep, we’ve recommended five episodes to get you in the “Kimmy” mood.


Ep. 1: Kimmy Goes Outside!

Obviously, you have to start with the first episode, which sets the scene with Kimmy and her fellow cult victims holding hands around a Christmas tree, singing about how their dumbness brought on the Apocalypse. From there, we have the perfect introduction to Kimmy and the rest of the gang (Jacqueline Vorhees casually tosses the unopened water bottle she offered to Kimmy in the trash, showing all you need to know about her). Of course, we watch Kimmy’s first night out clubbing. Her adorable attempts to get her first kiss say it all.


Ep. 2: Kimmy Gets A Job!

Another early episode, Kimmy has to prove her worth to the Vorhees by throwing the perfect birthday party for Jacqueline’s little terror of a son. This episode sees Kimmy facing off against Xanthippi, Jacqueline’s evil stepdaughter and Kimmy’s nemesis for most of the season. Xanthippi is your typical spoiled brat, intent on getting Kimmy fired, but the lie Kimmy catches herself in makes this one of the best episodes.


Ep. 5: Kimmy Kisses A Boy!

The flashbacks to the bunker are some of the most fun stuff in the season, so it makes sense that the arrival of Kimmy’s old bunkermate makes for such a perfect episode, with her secretly gay boyfriend Brandon along for the ride (but they got matching bean curd tattoos!) Also, Kimmy gets her first kiss and then proceeds to embarrass herself by saying all the things we’ve wanted to say to our crush after a kiss…out loud, to him. Oh, Kimmy.


Ep. 8: Kimmy is Bad At Math!

Kimmy’s love triangle starts forming here, with her cute classmate, Dong (who starts cracking up at her name, explaining that in Vietnamese, it means “penis.”) But the best part of the episode is Titus realizing he gets treated better in his werewolf getup for work than he does as a normal black man. Ouch. Not normally a show with a lot of social commentary, but it hits the mark when it does.


Ep. 13: Kimmy Makes Waffles!

And of course, the binge-watching wouldn’t be complete without a look at the finale, in which the mole women finally get their revenge. Jon Hamm is so incredibly spot on as Richard Wayne Gary Wayne, the type of charming preacher, who almost gets the court to agree that it was actually logical for him to kidnap and hold the women against their will. Also, Tina Fey’s prosecutor will probably be a lot funnier now after you’ve seen The People vs O.J. as it’s clearly a parody of Marcia Clark. The episode will remind you of all the cliffhangers, (Dong’s wife?! Tituss’s wife?!) to leave you in perfect shape for your weekend lockaway.