OMG, The Killers are coming out with a new album later this month


Remember that contagiously addictive song “Mr. Brightside”? And the guys who did it, The Killers? Well, they’re about to be very, VERY relevant again. The four-man Las Vegas band is about to drop their new album Wonderful Wonderful on September 22 with a confirmed tour to follow. It’s The Killers’ first studio album since 2012 when they released Battle Born. In preparation for The Killers return, we put together a chronicle of our favorite tracks that will bring back good mems for the long-time fans and convert first-time listeners to die-hards.

The Anthems A.K.A. you have definitely heard these before:

1. Mr. Brightside


2. Somebody Told Me


3. Human


The Classics A.K.A. ones every OG Killers fan knows:

4. When You Were Young


5. All These Things That I’ve Done


6. Read My Mind


The Gems A.K.A. the songs that make you go from liking The Killers to loving The Killers

7. The World We Live In


8. Sam’s Town


9. Jenny Was a Friend of Mind


10. Spaceman


11. Bones


The Newbies A.K.A. new musical sound made from the same awesome band

12. Runaways


13. The Man


14. Run for Cover


15. Wonderful Wonderful