Okeechobee Music Fest: 8 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need To Go

The good news? January is over. The bad? Festival season is still another fourish months away. And any festival junkie would strongly agree that four months of having only real life to look forward to is basically eternity.

This year, however, there’s a new fest on the block hoping to jumpstart festival season by stepping first to the plate — even before Winter Music Conference and Ultra take over Miami in late March. Okeechobee Music Fest has all the fixins to knock any average expectations for a music festival out of the park, and then some.

To further explain, I’ve narrowed it down to these eight reasons why you should familiarize yourself with the burgeoning festival and also buy tickets. You’re welcome.

1. The When and Where:

Located in the heart of Florida, Okeechobee is the perfect way to start off festival season. Soak up some Florida sunshine while jamming out to some good tunes. Okeechobee takes place March 4 and 6 and it will be a perfect start to your festival season.

2. The Lineup:

Okeechobee is a place to reconnect and reawaken the mind through a wide variety of music and distinct artwork that brings communities and cultures together as one, and its multi-genre lineup will reflect Okeechobee’s diverse community. A few headliners include Mumford and Sons, Kendrick Lamar, Skrillex, The Avett Brothers, and many more superstar artists.

3. The PoWoW!:

Okeechobee is offering a special gift to its attendees. It’s called PoWow! It’s a once in a lifetime collaborative concert between superstar artists where anything can happen, and you’ll have no idea who walks on stage next — definitely something to look forward to.

4. The Amenities:

If the hot Florida sun is getting to you, Okeechobee has a BEACH where you can go SWIMMING in between sets. Along with tanning and relaxing by the water, the festival offers yoga and meditation sessions so you can get your zen on before you go rage out to some awesome music all night long. But the partying doesn’t stop when the last set is over — Jungle 51 is a place to hang out and dance to some old school techno until the sun starts shining once again.

5. The ChobeeWobee Village:

Take a step into the village and emerge yourself into a life altering experience where artwork, music, meditation, and comedy come together to transform your life into a life of interconnectedness with humans and nature.

6. The Food:

My favorite topic. Chobee has local eats, food truck, and organic options so you don’t have to dance on an empty stomach!

7. The Performances:

Okeechobee not only has musical artists, it also has unique performances to enhance your experience. Everywhere you turn, you could be greeted by fire swallowers, jugglers and other wild circus acts!

8. The Participation Programs:

Looking to go but don’t have enough money? Okeechobee has a volunteer program where you commit to eight hours of work for a full festival experience with no dent in your wallet. Okeechobee also has a college ambassador program where you can promote the festival to your community, and earn passes in exchange.