Oh You Fancy Huh: What It’s Like To Go To A Famous DJ’s Birthday Party

DJ Prostyle is one of the more well-known DJs from NYC radio station Power 105.1, recognized not only on the airwaves, but in the nightlife scene as well, often boasting the hashtag #partywithprostyle. Being the partier that he is, this year he decided to raise the bar for his birthday by throwing his party at the NYC venue Stage 48.

Fetty Wap & friends were anticipated by partygoers, but the special guests he brought out were an unexpected surprise for everyone.

The New York City vibes were strong this night when Remy Ma, Fat Joe and French Montana all surprised the crowd and performed their banger “All the Way Up” for the first time ever on stage together.

The song has been getting a lot of airtime and is easily becoming a summer anthem as it continuously tops the charts week after week. These 3 NYC natives were not the only legends in attendance. DJ Envy, DJ Self and Uncle Murda all showed up to represent the big apple and wish Prostyle a happy birthday as well.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Desiigner also came out and performedPanda,which has got to be one of the biggest rap songs out right now since Kanye sampled the track on “Pt.2” off of The Life of Pablo.

In true Desiigner fashion, he was spastically jumping around on stage as he usually does. Since stepping into the spotlight, the rapper has been accused of ripping off Future’s flow and rap style. To add insult to injury, the 19-year-old Brooklyn native has been poking fun at the haters by posting up pics like this:


which is a complete copy of Future’s mixtape Purple Reign. The crowd really loved him and enjoyed the performance, so we’ll have to wait and see if Desiigner surpasses his one hit wonder destiny that many have predicted for him.

With a line-up like that, the entire night felt more like a summer jam preview than a birthday party. Last time I saw this many stars in one place was for Miami Music Week, and even then the celebs were there to party, not to actually perform. It was a crazy night that made me realize why NYC is such an epicenter for partying. Next time a DJ has a birthday party, make sure you’re in attendance because you just never know who might show up!

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