NYC’s Hottest New Workout: Introducing TrapAerobics With Chavonne Hodges

Christina Mosti
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TrapAerobics is brand new workout for trap and R&B lovers, merging abs, dabs, and dancing in a high-energy aerobics class. 20something sat down with Chavonne Hodges, creator, AFAA certified group fitness instructor, and 20some contributor for an exclusive sneak peak and interview.

20something: What inspired you to start this class?

Chavonne Hodges: Last year, I started working out to manage my anxiety disorderMy attacks were spiraling out of control, and after taking multiple classes at my gym and working out on my own, I kind of had an “aha moment.” Exercise should be fun, like when you turn up at a party and sweat out your blow out kind of fun. That way it won’t feel like exercise, but you’ll still burn a ton of calories. So I decided to get a fitness certification, then tapped my homie Fiona, who has a background in dance and teaches Zumba, and we started working it on it.

Who would enjoy this class?

CH: Based on the test classes we launched last month, I’d say that this class is for 3 types of people.

  1. People who love to dance like no one’s watching. We encourage that a lot. Be free, be you.
  2. Folks who love trap music and hip hop. I say that because trap music brings people together. I went to trap karaoke a few times and witnessed that.
  3. People who want to workout but aren’t motivated by traditional classes. Insanity isn’t for everybody, especially not me. I want to have fun, not be yelled at for not completing my 20th burpee.

Is this class something all fitness levels could do?

CH: This class is for everyone. We carefully crafted every single movement so that even the most uncoordinated person can follow us and start to see results. No joke, we filmed ourselves and studied every movement like Beyoncé  does after every performance. TrapAerobics is a crazy idea, but I take it very seriously.

Is this a primary workout or supplementary?

CH: TrapAerobics was designed to help people achieve their fitness goals in a fun, judgement-free way. It can certainly be used as a primary workout, because we target every single muscle group. Also, the U.S. Department of Health recommends 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week, so this is a great way to get the cardio in.

What makes this class different or unique?

CH: This ain’t Zumba or a Twerk Out. All of the movements  in TrapAerobics are gender neutral, in fact, this is the only trap workout class that exists in NYC. Hip hop can be a number of things, but trap music is very niche. Trap is all about the bravado of the underdog who’s trying to make to the top, and gives no fucks about anything else. It’s all about staying focused on the end goal. This is a sentiment that most people can identify with, and one that we echo in every class. It’s about abs, dabs, and turning up for a sweat fest.

How quickly can attendees get their ideal summer bod with this workout?

CH: Pretty quickly, if they attend regularly. Each class burns 400 -700 calories depending on participants’ fitness levels, plus we do some squats and lunges in the class. We’ve been getting a lot of positive reviews lately.

Where/how can people participate in TrapAerobics?

CH: Classes are happening every Saturday in June at 11am. Tickets can be purchased on our site, but we also do private classes for special events like bachelorette parties and health events.