NHL Stanley Cup Final Preview

Brandon Snively
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The Chicago Blackhawks and Tampa Bay Lightning will face off beginning tonight in a best of 7 series to win the coveted Stanley Cup. Both teams have been in this position before. The Blackhawks have, so far, shown their dominance this decade making this their 3rd Stanley Cup Final appearance since 2010. They’ve won the cup the last two times they appeared (2010, 2013). The Lightning, on the other hand, haven’t appeared in the Stanley Cup Final since 2004 when they won (which, additionally, was their first win in franchise history).

The players to watch during this series are the captains of both teams, Jonathan Toews (pronounced Tayves, not Toes) of the Blackhawks and Steven Stamkos (pronounced the way it’s spelled) of the Lightning. A couple of other players to keep an eye on are the Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane and the Lightning’s Tyler Johnson, who both have a good chance at being the playoff MVP.

Even if you don’t like hockey, a reason to watch is because of the great commentating by NBC Sports announcer Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick, who can bring excitement to a sport many don’t get or find boring. With these two teams, there will definitely be some hard hitting and physical play involved to reach their ultimate goal – to hoist the Stanley Cup (fun fact: it weighs 34.5 pounds). Who knows, maybe there will be a good fight or two during one of the games. Check out the full schedule for the Stanley Cup playoffs below here:

Game 1 – June 3 at Tampa Bay 8pm on NBC

Game 2 – June 6 at Tampa Bay 7:15pm on NBC

Game 3 – June 8 at Chicago 8pm on NBC Sports Network

Game 4 – June 10 at Chicago 8pm on NBC Sports Network

Game 5 * June 13 at Tampa Bay 8pm on NBC

Game 6 * June 15 at Chicago 8pm on NBC

Game 7 * June 17 at Tampa Bay 8pm on NBC

*=If game is necessary (once a team wins 4 games, they win the Stanley Cup)


Image Source: USAthebiglead