#NewTrackTuesday: Take A “Moment” With King Henry And Rhye


For this week’s #NewTrackTuesday pick-me-up, we bring you: King Henry and Rhye’s brand new single, “Moment” so, y’know, take a moment and listen cause’ it’s worth it. For real.

King Henry is quite the impressive producer. Based out of LA, he previously worked on co-writing and producing music for major artists including The Weeknd, Diplo, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber and Major Lazer. Think “Cold Water” (Biebs and ML) and “All Night” (Beyoncé). So let’s give credit where credit is due #allhailkinghenry

This new #NTT is from King Henry’s upcoming sophomore EP and exudes a sensual feel, thanks to Rhye’s smooth vocals and Henry’s original, on point beats. The combination creates a calming energy that is still packed with passion.

Listen with headphones and take a walk…you won’t be disappointed.