New Tracks Tuesday: Rudenko With ‘Wake Up’

Talia Aroshas
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#Newtrackstuesday is bringing you those summer lovin’ vibes a little early with Rudenko’s catchy track, “Wake Up.” The song pairs well with a day at the beach, zoning out on a plane while en route to your destination, or for blocking out loud noises that you don’t want to hear while walking down the street on a hot summer day.

Fun facts about Rudenko:

  • He’s Russian
  • In 2014, Rudenko became the 1st DJ in the world to open the Winter Olympic Games (Sochi). He produced and performed a live soundtrack for the Parade of Nations. The broadcast was viewed byore then 3 billion people worldwide.
  • His past singles were charted/supported by BBC1, MTV, UK Official Top 40 Chart, Music Week Chart

Without further ado:

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