New Tracks Tuesday: Migrant Kids With “Thread”

Talia Aroshas
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What does your Tuesday need? Some psychedelic jungle rock.

Enter: Migrant Kids with the track, “Thread.”

Mind you, I had no idea what the aforementioned music genre was until yesterday when I heard this track, but I like it.

The Austin based band was started by cousins Miguel Ojeda and John Zakoor, and later joined by Bryan O’Flynn. The band has been touring all over Texas and elsewhere since their debut album dropped in 2013, has won the title of Best New Band from the Austin Chronicle, and Band of the Month from The Austin Music Foundation.

By combining the likes of Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson, the boys have truly created a sound all their own, and we at 20something are totally digging it. The future definitely holds big things for this two-thirds family band, and there was no question about making them this week’s choice for #Newtrackstuesdsay.

Welcome to the jungle (rock)

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