New Tracks Tuesday: Julian Jordan With ‘Pilot’ + Our Exclusive Interview

It was Thursday morning and I wasn’t expecting to do anything besides go to class. But then, FOMO got the best of me, leaving me to say “fuck it” to my responsibilities so I could go have the time of my life in Miami. I never thought that I would be chilling at The W’s press lounge during Miami Music Week and drinking Heineken with some of my favorite Dutch DJs, but since this week only comes once a year, I decided to keep an open mind and kick it.

Pulling up to the venue, my first thought was “living lavish and large today.” I walked up to the press line, (it was poppin’ btw) and got right in to go interview some DJs. Confused as hell, It took me about 20 minutes to find where I actually was supposed to be. (at the same time repeating my questions in my head as well as observing all the sophistication). The W hotel was extraordinary: The L shaped pools, the private stage, the glass pool house and balcony, open bars, and more pools. I knew this was going to be a memorable Thursday afternoon.

And then it was time for my interview with Julian Jordan.

He reminded me of someone from school but only cuter and with an accent. I sat down with him and got to know him. He made this easy for me because he seemed engaged in the conversation. During the interview, I received very genuine responses from Julian and he seemed like he was having fun answering some of the questions I had asked.. After the interview I realized that Julian was a pretty cool guy who enjoyed doing whatever it was in the moment. He reminds me of a social chameleon because from his answers, he seemed to enjoy constantly changing into new skin and innovating just like his idol, Kanye West.

20something: How important do you think this press lounge is to WMC?

Julian Jordan: I think it is very important! All the press is here and you get to see a lot of familiar faces in the industry. I just think it is great to see the new talents coming in ever year and meeting up with other producers.

Which online platform gets you the most fan engagement?

JJ: Instagram is going very well. I am working really hard on Spotify right now and I’m creating personal playlists and tracks to show fans what I like to listen to in my spare time.

Where on tour have you bought the best clothing?

JJ: I would have to say definitely New York because they have tons of options and varieties of styles. They don’t have a lot of the stores they do in New York, in Holland, so it’s nice experiencing other fashions.

Do you have any favorite stores?

JJ: My favorite store is Barney’s because they have everything, it is the perfect store for anything you need and we don’t have stuff like that in Holland.

How would you describe your style?

JJ: I have a lot of styles depending on how I feel. Mostly I like dressing basic, like plain shirts. I also like heavy shirts like HBA and Rick Owens. I am into high fashion and that kind of stuff.

Is there any specific artist or album that has inspired you?

JJ: Kanye West has definitely inspired my music and myself. The way he used electronic beats in his tracks like ‘808 Heartbreaks’ or ‘Dark Twisted Fantasy,’ which is my favorite album of all time. Most importantly, Kanye inspires me because he uses creative freedom.

If you weren’t a musician what would you be and why?

JJ: I would have to say that I would be an architect. I know that I would want to do something creative. Definitely nothing that involves a desk job. Or I would do something else in the music industry like work behind the scenes and design, as long as I am making art.

What distracts you in the audience?

JJ: I love when fans make signs with my name on it or any other written messages. I’ll read it and it will make me excited while I’m mixing a track. It will give me a boost of motivation and excitement, which is what performing is all about, I love it!

What’s your favorite part about your nationality?

JJ: I love how all EDM DJs are here. It is really nice being around them because we are all nice to each other. Its great to hear Dutch voices when you are traveling and especially because we are all very nice and approachable.

How do you feel about tattoos?

JJ: I appreciate tattoos but I could never get one myself. I am way too innovative for tattoos because I am constantly changing my mind and I wouldn’t want the same thing for life.



Now check out Julian’s debut release on Revealed Recordings, “Pilot” — this selection for week’s #Newtrackstuesday.


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