#NewTrackTuesday: The Dig is fighting Islamophobia with their new song, ‘Communion’

We here at 20something are all about “purposeful pop” in whatever form it comes, so for today’s #NTT we bring you an indie-alternative track by The Dig called “Communion,” from the inspiring compilation Philia: Artists Rise Against Islamophobia.

Emile Mosseri, David Baldwin, Erick Eiser, and Mark Demiglio make up this New York City-based rock band, creating soft, sad jams that connect deeply with fans. This song in particular is a political nod to the issues of racism that are lingering in our country today.  


The proceeds from sales go to benefit the work of Unity Productions Foundation, a nationally recognized non-profit educational organization that specializes in combating Islamophobia.

Emile from the band stated:

“Islamophobia is a cancer that’s deeply baked into our culture. It’s more important now than ever to combat this ideology as our president is committed to breathing air into the fire of dehumanization and fear of otherness. Sadly, Muslims are among the groups most threatened by this administration. My dad is an Egyptian Jew who’s family was thrown out of Egypt in the late 50’s and relocated to Israel and Italy. Even though I grew up with a progressive Egyptian extended family, I had misguided ideas of Islam as a kid growing up in the states. The dehumanization of Muslims is slammed into our heads at a young age. From the movies we watch growing up, to what we’re not taught in schools, we are fed this warped idea of what it means to be a Muslim and we buy in. I think the most powerful tool we have is education and we’re thrilled to play a small part in the amazing work the people at Unity Productions Foundation are doing.”


Listen to this inspiring track here: