New Track Tuesday: Kendl Creates An Electronic World In His Latest Release

Mark Wolf
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“For Her” takes you for a ride throughout Kendl’s moody, ambient world with live “foley” recordings of what sounds like him brushing a wooden floor and shaking cans. With enough to texture to touch and enough atmosphere to breathe, “For Her” is an electronic composition in a lane of its own. The sparse vocal samples and swaying bass lines make it club-friendly despite how intimate it feels at first listen.

Have a listen for yourself:

Kendl’s last single “Slow Drive” was released on Big Beat Records and gained 139k plays on Spotify in its first two weeks, giving him a slot in the US and Canadian Viral Top 50. Chart positions aside, Kendl is a whiskey-sipping, plant-nurturing, snowboarding Australian who draws inspiration from downtempo giants like Jamie XX, Four Tet, and Bonobo. He’s produced a heap of great music in the past year, so 2017 is looking to be his year.

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