New Track Tuesday: Ciaran Lavery’s Single ‘Everything Is Made To Last’

Champion Sound Music

For this week’s #NewTrackTuesday, we bring to your ears “Everything is Made to Last” by Ciaran Lavery.

This track exudes and expresses the feelings and fears (let’s be honest) we 20somes have more often than we wanna admit, with lyrics like:

“Wonder if there’ll be a change

In everything, with everything

We sin everyday because we can

I’m afraid of what I am”

Cue the ever-recurring existential crisis we battle daily! Who are we? Do we belong? What are we even here on this planet for? Are all sins equal? What is the “dream” we so badly want to obtain??? Etc.

This soulful single is the Irish artist’s most recent release since May 2016 and it has created quite a quick stir online, with close to 200,000 plays on Spotify. With a new album releasing next year, Ciaran will be visiting the United States in September to play at the Americana Music Awards, and plans to spend lots of time stateside to please his growing fan-base. Get ready, America.

Listen to this track to feel understood, even if it’s just because Ciaran “gets it” (identity questions, religious doubts, and longing for the past) well enough to put it into words, sing it through your speakers with his beautifully paced vocals, and make you feel something…and lmk what is better than feeling understood? Not much.