#NeverBeenBut #IHeardItsAmazing: Bar Bacon Happy Hour

In a city sprawling with places to go, choosing a happy hour spot feels a lot like choosing a life partner. Studying Yelp reviews, mapping the distance from your office, deciding if you can afford it, making reservations, or *gasp!* winging it without one — it’s the hardest task of all.

But suddenly, amidst the pages of “rooftop views and great happy hour specials,” something magical appears: Bar Bacon.

You whisper to yourself, “Bars? Bacon? I like both of those things.” I scrolled through the endless (and practically NSFW) photos of beer and bacon living together in peace and harmony, and knew I had found **the one**. My mouth watering and my palms sweaty (knees weak arms were heavy… sorry…) I turned to my impatient coworkers and said, “Guys, what about Bar Bacon?” A hush falls over the crowd, and before we knew it, we’re the happiest we’ve ever been.

First of all, THIS is the description on their website:

Sin is in…gastronomically speaking. Bacon, a savory workhorse ingredient that lends an underpinning of hauntingly rich and complex flavor to a dish, frequently without celebration or menu credit will now finally have it’s heyday. Bacon belongs to the hedonist, the throw-caution-to-the-winds sort who would eat a bacon sandwich with a side of bacon.

Am I turned on right now?

After a description like that, I’m not sure I need to do much more convincing, so here are the highlights:


What You Need to Know

Nearly every item on the menu contains bacon in some form, so give your arteries a break and LIVE IT UP! Caveat: We were only there for happy hour, but the menu (and their Instagram page) had so much more to offer! Also, the owner is kinda hot?

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What you must TRY: The Beer & Bacon Flight A curated pairing of four craft beers and slices of artisanal bacon are the perfect introduction to Bar Bacon.



Brussel Sprouts (Not joking.) Brussel sprouts are NOT good just by themselves, but add some chunks of bacon and a Vietnamese glaze and you DEFINITELY got your serving of vegetables in for the day.




No stress, all bacon. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and tolerant of our status after six craft beers. They must be used to Bar Bacon virgins…

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Surprisingly affordable, but show up before happy hour ends.




Check out their website for more info!

What’s your fav happy hour spot? Let me know and I’ll be sure to go!