This Discovery About Pluto Might Ruin Your Childhood

Brandon Snively
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The Jistt:

  • Pluto has always been mad mysterious, but now that the probe New Horizons has finally made it there NASA can give us some insight on the dwarf planet.
  • Some new info being uncovered — Pluto isn’t actually blue or purple (we’ve been lied to for many years, #crushed). It’s actually red!
  • While small, Pluto is still the largest known object beyond Neptune in the solar system.
  • We also learned that a mountain range and plain are forming on Pluto’s surface (why do I feel inclined to say awww, so cute?).


This gif will make you feel things about Pluto you didn't know you felt


When most of us were in elementary school, Pluto was the underdog of the planets. It was the last planet in the solar system, the smallest, and was made fun of the most. It essentially was like the forgotten child and misfit of the solar system. When Pluto was demoted from a planet in 2006, some of us were devastated. Ok, maybe devastated is a little extreme, but it was kind of a shock. Now that new images have surfaced of Pluto and the probe New Horizons has made it to the dwarf planet, NASA can now make what we learned in our textbooks come to life.

Here is what we have found out so far from the pictures and information gathered from the NASA mission to Pluto, according to Forbes.

  • Pluto is less than 20 percent the size of Earth and Pluto’s moon is less than 10 percent the size of Earth’s moon.
  • Although it is small, it is the largest known object beyond Neptune.
  • PLUTO ISN’T BLUE/PURPLE?? We thought it was one of those colors, but it was revealed that Pluto is actually red.
  • Pluto’s geography is changing. It was reported that there is a mountain range and plain that are currently taking form.

Even though it took a decade for this spacecraft to get to Pluto and capture amazing images, it is still going to take more than 16 months for us to get the full picture of Pluto. I mean think about it, this information does have to travel over 4.67 billion miles to reach Earth. There will be more discoveries and information coming all the way through November 2016.

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