Must Read: How ARTY Crafted His Debut Artist Album ‘Glorious’

In early October Artem Stolyarov reached a pivotal moment in his musical career. As one of the most sought after Russian DJ/producers, Artem (who goes by the stage name of ARTY) released his first full length artist album after years of climbing charts around the world with powerhouse singles and remixes.


Fans have been very curious in what to expect with this album: Would it be a compilation of his single release tracks? Would he keep his featured progressive house origins?

One thing is for sure: with this album, ARTY offers a closer look into his life than ever before.


Touching more on the pop side of electronic music, the album takes off with the song “Shadow,” with lyrics that declare, “I wanna make a path, that’s not been on the map.”

Luckily, we had a few moments to chat to ARTY backstage at Webster Hall during his album release party, about how he crafted “Glorious.” He was super down-to-earth, but I was still kind of fangirling on the inside.

ARTY: I thought of the top line melody for Shadow while in the shower. I didn’t want to lose my train of thought so I had to focus. Finish what I was doing and then I wrote it out on my phone.


He quickly showed his funnier side with this tidbit. I jokingly picked at him for not having a Lifeproof case which he found (thank goodness) pretty hysterical.

ARTY: We were going for such a long a time. We’ve been working on [this album] for two years. Last summer I thought, well, that’s 90 percent of the album done. In the fall I thought well that’s 95 percent of the album done. After that, I said …woah that’s 99 I guess. For some reason, after that, it dropped down to 80 and then 60. I took a bunch of the tracks and out and said nah.

He was so conversational about the selection process of putting the album together. There seemed to be such clarity in the track choices. It’s in or it’s out, making me wish I had that strong sense of direction in my own work.

ARTY: There’s no track that has been revamped. Either a track was considered for the album or it would not ever be there. There were some tracks about a year in a half in that we weren’t sure about. Those got dropped out and then in the last month before release, I decided to drop out two or three more.


When we asked if his fans would ever get to hear these dropped tracks as EP’s, I sadly got a “probably not.” Arty touched on this, as his way of conveying to his fans that he wanted them to see him as an artist and not ARTY the EDM DJ.

ARTY: That’s the special thing about releasing this album versus EP’s. I wasn’t limited on what I wanted to do. I got out of my comfort zone. I played with different BPM’s and genres. I was so lucky. There wasn’t anything before it dead locking my work.



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Adam Wamsley