Musical Melting Pot: 5 Types Of People You’ll Meet At A Big Gigantic Concert

Big Gigantic has always been known to dabble in many different musical genres, implementing such things as a sexy sax solo to a sampling Kanye West’s “Touch the Sky” to synthesized beats. Their most recent NYC show spanned two nights at Terminal 5 and was completely sold out. As usual Dom and Jeremy played all the classics, “Get on Up,” “Sky High,” “Just for the Thrill” and premiered a new track “The Little Things” that was released this month. Mac Miller even came out at the encore and graced the stage with his homies to give a proper NYC welcome.

Their influences of many different genres not only make them unique, but it also add to their extensive and diverse group of fans that you can find at any given show. So I scoped out the fan base at Terminal 5 and found an unusual cast of characters.

1. The frat bro


He is extremely easy to spot. He’s usually in a muscle tee that says “Big G” on it, loves to wear sunglasses indoors and goes “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” at every beat drop. He’s mostly there to pick up chicks and/or grind on them. I was standing near the side of the stage and almost got taken down by a stampede of frat bros running to the stage talking with fellow bruhs about how killer Big G’s set was at Roo.


2. The dreadlocked stoner kid


These dudes seemed like they teleported straight from a Red Rocks show in Colorado with them jamming out and shaking their dreads to the beat, but never in the big crowd. They prefer to be low key in the back and enjoy the vibes as they spark a J. Jah feels?


3. The hardcore rave chick


They can usually be seen downing bottles of water, parties up front by the stage like a true raver and goes absolutely nuts over the light show. They came to rave and that’s about it so if you want to hang with them up front be ready to keep up with these seasoned vets. I made my way to the middle of the crowd I found a cool rave chick with light up shoes and she gave me a drag of her cig so you could say we’re pretty tight.


4. The dude with the LED light gloves


I saw this guy putting on a one man light show and was thinking, “Does he even know where he is right now?” Not sure. He was so fixated on his rave gloves and captivating his audience I didn’t want to harsh his mellow so I watched from afar.


5. The super drunk group of girls outside barfing on the corner


Literally every time I go to a show at Terminal 5 there is always a group of girls or at least one chick, college aged, barfing outside the venue. The comedy is not in their intoxication (we’ve all been there) but it’s watching their equally fucked up friends try to somehow help. So sad that they probably didn’t get to see the show, but there’s always next time guys!