Monday Lifehack: Charcoal Is The Essential You Never Knew You Needed

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Kind of like lemons, charcoal is its own little miracle worker you never knew existed.

Activated charcoal capsules can be bought on Amazon or at your local drugstore, and this substance is literally a miracle worker. It works not by ABsorption (chemicals come together and form a reaction), but ADsorption (chemicals simply bind to the surface) – AKA, charcoal picks up all the bad crap around it and carries it away like a magical little maid.


1. Prevent/cure hangovers

Charcoal is what they give to people with alcohol poisoning in the hospital when it’s not “poison” enough to require a stomach pump. It adsorbs all the bad crap.

Take 2 before you go to sleep after a night of drinking (wash down with coconut water to be even more effective) to prevent that terrible hangover we actually get in our 20s, unlike our college days. Take 1-2 in the morning as well, if necessary.

amy  hangover


2. Tummy problems

Activated charcoal also helps with gas and bloating. Prior to a meal you know is going to cause you to bloat, take 500mg.

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3. General digestive cleanse

I KNOW you’ve seen the fancy schmancy charcoal shots at those overpriced juiced places. Guess what, all they are is activated charcoal and water. If you’re feeling BLAH or starting a new workout/diet regimen, 2 capsules a day with your vitamins can you help you reset and recharge your body to its normal balance.


4. Facial scrub

Charcoal literally just absorbs all of the bad things anywhere it’s put. Break open a few capsules (over the sink – they will explode on your hands a bit) and mix with some water to form a paste. You can let it sit for (NO LONGER THAN) 10 minutes once a week, or just use it as a scrub once in a while

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5. Whiten teeth

It may seem counterintuitive, but charcoal’s scrubbing and cleansing power is amazing. Do the same as above – break the capsules open, and mix with some water – and scrub your teeth with your toothbrush. Rinse, and then brush teeth as normal, and see your teeth shine like Queen Bey’s. We even tried it, so you can be sure it works.


6. Air purifier 

Not a fan of chemicals to freshen and deodorize your space? That’s fine – charcoal soaks up all the bad smells, humidity, etc. I buy mine on Amazon.

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7. Charcoal sticks for water purification

Tap water is great, bottled water is bullshit and charcoal sticks will help you purify and ionize your water for better health, FORREALS. Also found on Amazon, they come in a handy little bundle.

You can also use these to make a nice zen garden center piece and use it for air purification instead of the regular air purifier listed above.

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