A Look Back At Miami Music Week 2017 And How It Affects EDM Culture

As all dance music fans know, Miami Music Week is one of the most important events in electronic music. I say most because for one week, the biggest and brightest in the industry come together for a 10-day celebration. That’s right, tons of new music no one has ever heard, special guests, secret parties, new friendships, and most of all, a greater appreciation for being in the right place at the right time.

The most thrilling part of Miami is deciding where to go next. Hundreds of events go on and the entire city is transformed into a dance-music Mecca. I think Fatboy Slim and Riva Star had it all wrong when they said: “Eat, sleep, rave, repeat.” In this case, it’s more like, “rave, repeat.” I don’t know about anyone else, but by the end of the week, I just said RIP to my GPA, RIP to my immune system, RIP to sleep, RIP to my bank account, RIP… me.

Worth it though?? Hell yeah! Now that it’s alllll over, I can soberly reflect on that week. The five reasons it affects dance music culture so prominently have become clear. So what are they and how can it affect you?

MMW encompasses new genres and subgenres that continuously emerge as dance music redevelops

MMW attracts a huge crowd of music lovers and welcomes them into a world of variety. Anyone who attends MMW has a fierce energy and passion for electronic music that drives them to continue exploring.

There are huge parties in the back of oceanfront hotels and small parties bumping out of more intimate boutiques. High profile DJs like Carl Cox to local, lesser known masters of the turntables, are all over the place. Young DJs trying to make names for themselves  are partying with their idols, as my friend and I learned when we were partying with ours… on a yacht… with the entire Dirtybird crew.

I guess you could say we started the week out right

The crowd on that boat, the music, the debauchery, the inexplicable love and the reunion of house family are just a few of the magical pillars that played a major part in shaping this year’s experience.

The fact that DJs come here from all over the world, despite their genre or status, to mesh together and help each other grow, is enough of an inspiration for me to continue going.

At Dirtybird B2B Throwback, the family values were unmistakable. How many DJs pass their bottle off to the crowd and put pizza underwear on their head? Not sure, but Justin Martin sure-as-hell does. Dirtybird is a literal mascot of being fun and funky, and the team embodies that spirit. They party alongside the crowd and it’s a whole new type of vibe everyone must experience. But then you compare that vibe with the vibe at No Sugar Added, and it’s a different scene. Although they lack in number of DJs compared to Ultra, they make up for it with the diversity of artists they bring. Autograf was one of my favorite sets, he encompassed catchy vocals, playful lights and most of all authenticity. MMW is all about venturing out and exploring different genres and musicians and feeling the vibe they give.


Miami, with its natural flamboyance, verve and multiculturalism lends itself brilliantly to the EDM movement

If you have ever been to the art district (Wynwood, Miami) then you would understand. Graffiti covers the buildings, people smashing open coconuts on the side of the street, drum circles, art galleries, and inspiration everywhere you look. Where else would DJs and producers want to share their work?

Open ears, minds, and most of all, venues waiting for magic to happen. As we entered Mana Wynwood, dance music was pouring from the DJ’s turntables into the crowd with a bass line so groovy and loud my body was tingling head to toe.

“Gud Vibrations” was a perfect start to MMW. This face-melting bass squad delivered greatness to the city. And that, my friends, is show biz. Our day in the art district wasn’t over just yet, Trippy Burger Showcase took over the stage. Ookay, one of the special guests, was performing. The whole crowd was filled with excitement. As always, he prepared the crowd and got everyone in the mood. As Ookay left the stage, the French DJ group Dirtyphonics arrived with some heavy dubstep and created the perfect, dynamic set. It consisted of head banging and some trap music. The crowd went wild.

Trap and house music bring something different to the table. At Dirtybird B2b Throwback, Justin Martin got the crowd going. It’s really not an official Dirtybird party unless Justin takes shoots out of a bottle of Grey Goose and takes a Snapchat of the crowd. I love what artists offer at their shows, it really makes the whole experience better. After a successful day of head banging and vibing to drum and bass, I realized how important everyone’s set was and how they all contributed a different piece to the EDM culture. The city of Miami itself is a mix of many cultures, which is very prevalent in its music scene.


Current power of MMW attracts entertainment moguls and entrepreneurs across the world.

Current power of MMW attracts entertainment moguls and entrepreneurs across the world. Their economic viability is very real, Just one weekend can generate hundreds of millions of dollars for local economies and promoters. On the Dirtybird Yacht, I chilled with some people from Joox entertainment. I observed their togetherness and openness- welcoming undiscovered artists and talking with them, exchanging data, exchanging ideas. That’s what it’s all about. Communicating ideas. MMW is the perfect platform for that. It breaks down language barriers, economic divisions —EDM is guiding the light for the rest of the world. We are the ones that push the envelope in music production. EDM has now gotten the recognition it deserves internationally through MMW than it did years ago. Live shows are the most lucrative sources of income. DJs have support from each other. MMW is an influential publication for the music industry. The role of social media in catalyzing the growth of EDM.


MMW is a constant state of evolution

WMC is celebrating 30 years of remaining the global platform for electronic music along with the ultra music festival, truly showing its EDM manic madness. Talking about evolution, if you didn’t see Shiba San’s set you are so sooooo wrong. His set was so groovy man, one of my favorites. He has some interesting samples and offers a whole new vibe to the crowd. Dirtybird hands down attracts the best crowd. THE ABSOLUTE BEST. Eats Everything, like a true DJ, reads the crowd. Along with the Dirtybird crew, he brought an element of fun missed in the house and techno scene.


The presence and popularity of MMW across the globe illustrates the fact that this form is here to stay

South Beach during MMW is just complete serenity. So many DJs in so many venues- you really can’t believe it until you witness it. Walking through the front of these hotels, like Delano for example, through the elegant and sexy entrances back to sprawling pools with the most incredible vibes, to a thumpin’ DJ and dancing bodies is something worth the experience alone.


Music is a significant factor in almost every culture in the world.

It is a match made in heaven where unknown DJs and producers are able to share their tracks and remixes and sets across social media.

MMW offers something for everyone. It is a major opportunity for people in the EDM scene to attend seminars, workshops, and networking events to advance their careers.

When in Miami, expect the unexpected because as exhilarating as you can make your party schedule before you go. Miami has a way of adding a dash of magic you won’t be able to anticipate. This mysterious Miami magic is what makes the city the perfect place for a week of music. Completely unplanned, my friend and I partied on a yacht with Dirtybird, hands down the highlight of my week.

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