Merlot, It’s Me: 3 Wine Delivery Companies For When You’re Feeling Thirsty & Lazy

Audrey Morgan
Audrey is a freelance writer and recent graduate from Appalachian State that has an obsession with avocado toast and pop culture. When she's not writing you can most likely find her sitting down with a glass of red wine and judgingly watching reality TV.

The world we live in just keeps getting better and better, as it is now almost as easy to get wine delivered straight to your home as it is a large cheese pizza. As if homebody winos needed another reason to never leave their robe and cat’s company again.

Though wine delivery services aren’t a new phenomenon. In fact, small wineries have been offering, and relying on, regular deliveries to their customers for quite some time. But these services usually ran a little high in price and were more for the wine snobs than those of us who buy off of the lower shelves. More recently, we’ve seen a rise in the wine delivery services for the two buck chuck market.

Not only do some of these companies take your wine right to your door, they also help you explore recommendations based on your palate and expand your wine knowledge. We took a look at them all and squeezed it down to the best three wine delivery services in all the land. Not going to lie, they’re pretty grape!


Wine Awesomeness


We heard it through the grapevine that this service is one of the best! Wine Awesomeness is a company founded in July of 2013 that is passionate about wine and dedicated to wine education. Since their start date they have grown to over 15,000 subscribers!

Each month, their team of wine-experts search the Earth for six tasty wines, three reds and three whites. Every shipment has a theme that includes a charming, small magazine packed with recipes, wine pairings, educational content, playlists and the stories behind the wine and theme — everything you need to become a regular wine connoisseur!

It’s pretty affordable too. A membership includes either three bottles of all-white, all-red or a mix of white, red or bubbley for $45, or six wines for $75. If you’re a little low on the funds, you can always skip a month or two and start back up again. If you’re interested in learning more about wine and are adventurous with the bottles you try, this might be for you. We give it four and a half grapes!




When it comes to wine tastes and terms, most of us are no experts and spend a lot of time standing in the wine aisle guessing what bottle will match our palate preference. We like the TastingRoom because they easily allow you to find what wine works for you, without the pressure and snobby wine terms.

A quick two-minute questionnaire, with questions like “How do you prefer your coffee?” and “Dark chocolate or milk?” generates six suggested wines for your preferences and comes in a mini six-pack for you to try for less than $10. From there you can rate your kit, creating a personalized wine profile, and start buying. The best part is you can buy whenever, unlike the usual wine of the month clubs. You get everything you want and nothing you don’t. No sour grapes here — well, maybe a few bottles worth!




The glass is definitely not half empty with this one! Glassful works similarly to TastingRoom, in that a quick questionnaire allows them to pair you with three wines — basically a for your taste buds.

Once you’ve found your perfect matches, you can explore the wines and read up on what dishes they compliment and where they come from. Glassful establishes long, lasting relationships with their distributors allowing them to offer three bottles well below retail prices for only $54 each month and focus on delivering “unique, organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines.” I think you deserve a few bottles, and with these deals, wine not?

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