#Menswear: The 5 Sites That Will Teach You To Dress Well

The Internet is full of shit and I usually get lost in the k-hole that is Reddit, but when I am looking to be productive and stay up on the latest trends, I take a peek at a select few websites to cover all my bases in order to not look like Milton from Office Space.


Welcome to my world of fashion. I am hooked. I am a sneakerhead. I am a #hypebeast.

HypebeastThe holy grail. The OG. The GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). Hypebeast is my number one website to stay current on all of the latest trends, music, and all things hip. Whether I’m looking for those new Yeezy sneakers, or want to know what kind of pizza Action Bronson threw into the crowd at his last concert, I’m checking it out here. Take a look for yourself at the grail.

Highsnobiety: Conservative and refined, Highsnobiety makes me feel aight looking at sneakers all day because I know that at the end of the Nike, there is an editorial about a new brand that will change the world of menswear forever. Often considered smaller market, Highsnobiety is one of my favorite websites to read interviews and look at sneakers, specifically.

Four Pins: #FuckNickWooster Four Pins’ satirical writing style takes whatever awesome new pieces just came out and makes them relatable. There’s nothing better than looking at a $2,000 t-shirt and having someone else shit on it as much as you care to. The street style photos are great and the ability to make menswear relatable and candid is something I truly look forward to reading.

Uncrate: The website for the man’s man. Uncrate holds all things that are man, ranging from good beer, to that new Rolls Royce, to a post-modern water bottle on Kickstarter to everyday clothing. If you’re into new, innovative technology, this is the website for you. The day I can afford one thing on Uncrate is the day that I know I’ve made it.

Dappered: Ballin’ on a budget is the new man bun, and Dappered gives me all the tricks of the trade and more, especially when I want to look like Kanye West but can’t afford to. Whether I’m taking a look at how something fits or trying to find a deal, Dappered lives up to their name through drinking, dating, and wardrobe advice.


Start with these websites and explore on your own. #Menswear is what you make of it and while I’m cuffing my pants and wearing a camp hat, someone else is doing the exact opposite. Fashion is my way to express what I feel and how I want to be perceived by the world without saying anything. I let my clothes speak for me and draw from my surroundings.


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