Make The Most Of Your Day By Saying Thank You

Alain Saint-Dic
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More often than not, the tone of an entire day can be set within the day’s first hour. A morning can be ruined by stubbing your toe on your bedpost, or a terrible night of sleep can be saved by simply waking up and finding out you won the lottery and can now cruise through life like Beyonce (well almost).

Since it’s not likely the latter will happen anytime soon, why leave your day up to chance? No matter who you are, you can always put yourself in a positive state of mind within the first hour of starting your day. You can make each day your best and most productive day — by starting with a simple thank you.

1. Say thank you the moment you open your eyes 

From the moment your feet hit the ground, express gratitude for the ability to live another day. Say “thank you” for each step you’re able to take between your bed and the bathroom.

2. Say thank you for each breath 

There are times when necks deserve to get broken and there are times to walk away from situations so you don’t end up on the evening news. What everyone neglects to do is to be grateful for the air that you breathe, no matter how dusty and polluted it is. As you duck your head in and out of the shower, as you scrub your teeth, say thank you for each breath you’re able to take.

3. Say thank you for all the difficult times that made you stronger

This one is the hardest to grasp but there is a certain amount of pain to be grateful for. Even through these hardships, you know you’re lucky to live through it to see better days to come.

4. Say thank you for all the delicious food you’re able to enjoy

The food man, the freakin’ food. Whatever you get your hands on today, at whatever time, from an ounce of water to a five-course meal, express you’re gratitude for the food in front of you.

5. Say thank you for being able to live your life

This is getting repetitive, so by now I think you get the point. Gratitude equals a life of happiness because you start to realize how much you have in your life. It’s all about acknowledgement. Take five minutes of your day to start with this basic exercise, then continue with it throughout the day. You’ll be amazed at how much you have to be happy about.

Five minutes sets the tone for the day, a day sets the tone for a week, and there you have it, 20somethings, a happier life!

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