Make That Money, Honey: How Important Is Salary Within Your Career?

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How important is salary to your career and what are some deciding factors when choosing a  job that you should keep in mind?

I think having a substantial income is important in a person’s life because it provides essential things you’ll need including: a place to live, paying the bills, provide you with food, clothes, etc. But it’s also important to remember the amenities that you deem to be imperative within your life so you know what you should agree on when choosing your career.

I decided to pose this question on social media of whether or not salary is important within a person’s career to gain insight into how other people felt. Here are four key items, aside from salary, that people felt were important when choosing a job.


1. Health and Well-being

A person’s health and their well-being is important. Focusing on anything in your life requires you to be your best self. When applying for a position, check the company’s healthcare benefits and see if it’s included. Lauren Schwanke says, “Happiness, health and the atmosphere is vital. I can put up with crappy pay, even no pay if it’s the right place with the right people. I stayed in a startup position for a few months with no pay because I believed in the company, but it became too much.” She valued her health and her sanity.


2. Benefits

If you are willing to dedicate your time and effort to a specific company or organization, then it should be acknowledged. Benefits are important to keep you motivated. Companies can offer healthcare, life and disability insurance, retirement investment plans, to sick, personal and parental leave in their benefits package.

Teacher Bridget Williams-Ruiz thinks that benefits, health, well-being and salary are all important when choosing a career because people appreciate being recognized for their work.

“Nobody really wants to know that they’ve worked really hard getting multiple degrees and they’re not seeing the fruits of that labor. Good benefits and time off with a decent wage is the icing on the cake,” Williams-Ruiz says.


3. Location

Benefits and salary can be important for people, but so is the commute and safety to work. People like to feel secure and welcomed in a work environment. Your work commute matters because if a person has to travel a long distance in order to get to and from work, chances are they won’t consider taking the position.

“There’s certain areas where it doesn’t even make since to apply. I’m not going to apply in say Des, Plaines when I’d be paid so little and my time would be spent commuting,” Schwanke explains.


4. Atmosphere

Have you ever considered that the reason why you might not like your current position is because of the atmosphere and the people you work with? Sometimes we may think that the reason why we are not performing and doing our best is because of the workload, commute, or even our boss and coworkers. But this all makes up the office atmosphere — a reason why you longer take pride in your work like you before.



There are several factors that people should take into consideration when applying for a position. Salary is definitely at the top, but benefits, location, well-being, and office atmosphere are also key. Money may not add value to every part of a person’s life, but it can assist a person regarding his or her needs and wants especially when assessing the importance regarding employment.

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