Make America Funny Again: 3 Of The Most Creative Anti-Trump Demonstrations

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With the election right around the corner, America is learning to be a little more creative with their voice to break through all the clutter. Here’s a list of the most ridiculous anti-Trump demonstrations that probably got more coverage than his most recent campaign rally.

Surrounding Trump Tower in Las Vegas with a wall of taco trucks

Earlier this month, a group of very peaceful and delicious protesters decided to surround Trump tower in Las Vegas with taco trucks. The protest was led by the Culinary Workers Union, a group that has vehemently been vocal against Trump and his refusal to bargain with hotel employees who voted last year to unionize. The taco trucks basked in their irony and handed out tacos all day.


The war of Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star

At first it was an innocent wall that jabbed at the nominee’s stance surrounding his star.

Trump finally got his wall. #walkoffame #walloffame #hollywood #losangeles #californiadreaming

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Followed by a mute sign after many failed attempts at cleaning off previous graffiti


And most recently, a sledgehammer demolished his walk of fame star to what resembled your sad powdered bronzer you dropped and can no longer afford to replace.

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Hilarious Tweets that have gained more traction than expected

Still not over those Emmy losses, Donald Trump managed to make a dig at him during a debate even more about him. Here’s Ian Karmel, a writer for the Late Late Show showing off his wins.

Some light social commentary.

The most relatable tweet of all time.

A man who knows the perfect way to ironically keep a conspiracy theorist awake at night.