Major Government Data Breach Affects Millions

Brandon Snively
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Approximately 4 million federal employees, both current and former, have had their personal information compromised, the Obama Administration said Thursday. Several media outlets are saying that the Chinese are responsible for the breach. This wouldn’t be the first time that there has been a hack against government employees. What is alarming is the amount of people it has affected and that it is coming from a foreign source. It’s believed that workers across all federal agencies were in some way compromised.

According to The Hill, a Department of Homeland Security spokesman stated that they noticed malicious activity affecting its IT systems in April. The extent of what exactly was hacked is still unknown, but employees are being told to keep a close eye on their financial statements as well as file new credit reports. There have been multiple hacks across the board in the United States that included the Weather Service, the Postal Service and even the White House.

One clear failure of the situation is that the United States has not learned from past incidents. As technology develops further, so should the systems that are meant to protect our government and personal data. What needs to be recognized here is that this could easily be considered a form of terrorism. It does not have to be a bomb that goes off in a crowd or a plane trying to be hijacked. Knowing that hackers are trying to infiltrate our systems and use our citizens’ information for undisclosed purposes can pose a serious threat to our national security if a solution is not executed very soon.

The future of terrorism will be cyberattacks, considering the amount of times we visit the internet a day or the amount of personal files on our computers. We even do our banking online and we heavily depend on computers and information systems to make our lives as easy and simple as possible. It should be noted that if we have the best military in the world (all bias there obviously because this is America), it’s time to defend our national networks with the same great defense against unwanted cyberterrorists.


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