LYLAS: 15 Reasons You Won’t Find Anyone Better Than Your College BFF

While we’re all thankful for our family, our friends, and the ability to be where we are today, there’s one person we’re thankful for who shaped us into the person we may not have been previous to our college years.

It’s the person who made leaving your parents behind much easier on that first day of college, the friend of a friend you once in boxed, the person you shared a room with your first time away from home, and the person you couldn’t imagine school without: your best friend. Although there are hundreds of reasons we are thankful for our bff, we’ve narrowed down the 15 most important:


1. She’s there to tell you that you look awful when others tell you you’ve never looked better.

With a simple, “what is that hideous outfit”, and of course reminding you that a spray tan is much needed with a, “you look so pale please do something.”- she’s not afraid to tell you like it is.

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2. Whether it’s capturing you when your double (or triple) chin is so on point, or when you’re at your worst angle, have no fear, she’s there to Snapchat it.


3. At this point, she’s basically part of your family and you catch her texting your family members more than you.


4. You have that simple look you give each other and you both automatically know what you’re talking about (even if you do get caught and shit gets real awkward).


5. Your bed is her bed (yes, you may have the option of two beds, but what’s the fun in that?).


6. She knows your taste of music, and knows exactly when you’re going to belt out a song.

And of course knows your favorite parts, giving you that opportunity to have a solo even though she knows your voice could crack a window.

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7. She’s your plus one to every event and people question your relationship but you go with it and continue holding hands.


8. She’s always there to hurt you, because why not bite you until your arm turns blue or punch you in the stomach when she knows your bladder is about to explode?


9. She’s the one to never let you live down your embarrassing moments and will always resurface your awkward phase just to remind you that yes, that is what you once looked like.


10. Forget about watching TV shows without each other: lesson learned.

11. She’s the one to take your phone and talk to people for you when you’re just incapable of putting words together.


12. If something’s not funny to others, without a doubt you will be laughing with her while annoying everyone in sight.


13. She’s the one who pops up on your phone the second you’re not together. She’s the one you can never run out of things to say to at any time of the day.

14. And of course, she’s the one who’s there for you through it all and the one you’re sure always will be.


15. She’s your other half, most definitely your partner in crime, and your forever go-to.

We may not be best friend doctors like Meredith and Christina or live on Tree Hill like Payton and Brooke, but we’re most definitely a freshman year roommate success story, and for that, I am thankful.