Lost Space Probe Wakes Up, Sends “Hello” To Earth

Brandon Snively
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Outer space is always cool and holds many secrets that we hope to discover one day. Scientists put in years and years of work to design, develop, and launch objects into space so we can get a better grasp of what really goes on out there.

These probes, missiles, rovers, and ships become like their children, so nothing is more frightening and gut wrenching than when one of your probes goes missing. That’s what happened to a probe named Philae seven months ago.


The location of the probe has not been known since late November. In that span of time, it was feared by scientists that the information the probe was collecting and the system capabilities and duties it was supposed to perform would be lost and gone forever.

A couple of days ago, though, this probe came back to life! Scientists were elated to finally receive signals from their probe. According to CNN, the communication between scientists and the probe lasted for about 85 seconds.

According to scientists, it may have actually been a blessing in disguise that the probe landed where it did. To give you an idea, the probe is currently on a shady part of this comet it’s traveling on. It is using solar power to energize its information systems. It is thought that if this comet landed in the original landing area, it would have burned up and probably died all together from the sun’s heat and energy.

What is this object doing on a comet and why does it matter? According to CNN, Laurence O’Rourke, one of the engineers of the probe, stated, “It’s about orbiting and following a comet — watching it wake up and then go to sleep again, finding the secrets held by comets. Every day is a new discovery.”

This journey the probe is on is also known as the Rosetta mission. There are even images expected from this probe soon, which, of course, are going to be stellar. CNN reports that it is also going to be able to tell us exactly what the function of a comet is and how it interacts with the sun while orbiting in the solar system.


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