Look Fly When You’re Flying: 7 Best Travel Bags You Won’t Mind Carrying

I don’t know about you, but I am always trying to travel in style. Whether it is sporting my fresh Adidas Superstars in the packed terminal to tossing (gently, of course) my Louis Vuitton travel bag on the baggage carousel, I always want to feel and look like a #queen when I am traveling.

Chic traveling is a way to show off your style no matter who what age you are.  Here are some of the “Best Travel Bags” in the biz right now. Is your fresh gel mani already lugging one of my favorite picks around or do you need to step up your luggage game?

Bric’s Bellagio Spinner Trunk

These bad boys can be hard to find considering they are SOLD OUT almost everywhere! Bric’s luggage is a blogger babe’s best friend. Seriously though… all bloggers have one. These tuscan leather trunks are the hottest thing on the (air) runway and the baggage claim. Snag one if you can!


Rimowa Luggage

Streamlined Metallics. Hardside. And effortlessly chic. Rimowa luggage is known for their sleek, lightweight luggage line. Though they are a tad pricy; they are worth the investment. I mean just look that these showstoppers. They are GORGEOUS!



MochiThings: Pouches and Storage

HELLLOOO college kiddos!!! Are you looking for something inventive and SUPER affordable? Mochi Things will give organization to all of your travel essentials such as your earphones, boarding passes, ID’s, iPads, sunglasses and even your undies! Woot woot. Mom & Dad will be so proud.


What is more LIT than organized underwear, people? How about a foldable, multifunctional travel bag? Hmmm I don’t know say one that folds to be about the size of a lunchbox, then it can expand to the trendiest carry on! Talk about a space saver. This mini duffle bag is perfect for those quick two day getaways.



Delsey Helium Karat Spinner

#LuggageGoals coming at you. Now this is what I would love to be rolling around the airport with. Actually, I will just roll around my house with it. No shame. This Delsey geometric spinner is hottest trend in luggage right now. They have unique metallic elements and a quirky fun shape. You will def be able to spot these structural travel bags out in a crowd.




If you carry a backpack around or are still in school, then you know the Herschel brand. Herschel has taken over the accessory game with their timeless vintage products. Millennials everywhere are spotted sporting Herschel from head to toe aka hip packs to hats. So obvi, you know that their luggage game MUST be on point.



AWAY Luggage

Loving the hardshell look, but it is still a little pricey for you. Yeah me too. That’s why AWAY Luggage decided to bring all of our favorite travel essentials into one affordable price. AWAY Luggage knows exactly how to cater the “world traveler” persona. Did I mention it has a phone charging port? OK now I know you are sold.


Now that you know all the hottest, trendiest and most innovative travel bags in the game, you just need a killer outfit. Don’t worry little jetsetter, I got you cover.. Check out  my “How To Be The Trendiest AND Most Comfortable Person In The Airport” article, here. Happy trails/travels, babes!

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