Add This Step Into Your Skincare Routine For Less Breakouts

Stevi Incremona
Stevi graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Drama. When she's not auditioning and running around New York, she's escaping to her original home at the Jersey Shore and most definitely lying on a beach somewhere equidistant between the ocean and tiki bar. She's a coffee snob, craft beer enthusiast, technology nerd, and obviously (most importantly) has a very real addiction to buying and trying affordable beauty products.

Why am I putting these on my face?

If you’re someone that has decided to be an adult about their skincare routine, you’re probably doing at least these three steps each day:

1. Cleansing

2. Toning

3. Moisturizing

While the reasons for cleansing and moisturizing are super obvious, most people have no idea why they’re buying and using toner. Obviously, you know cleansing your skin is a necessary evil. But, you might not know that when you use your favorite cleanser, the alkaline nature of that soap messes with the natural pH balance of your face and it causes some issues.


So I shouldnt wash my face.

Untrue. You should get the day off of your face for sure, then go one step further. Ever wonder why you’ve gone to bed after washing your face with an acne fighting agent like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide and woken up with even more oil on your face than usual? You’re not imagining it. Your acid mantle is just freaking out.


My who?

There’s a thin, slightly acidic film on the outer layer of your skin that works as a barrier to keep irritants like bacteria out called the “acid mantel.” When the pH balance of your acid mantel is disturbed, your skin goes into overdrive trying to restore the correct levels of acidity, and this often results in an overproduction of oils.


Fix It. 

Toner will solve all of the low acidity level problems you never even knew you had. It will also tighten your pores, which will further work towards keeping everything that comes into contact with your face from causing irritation that could lead to breakouts and other fun surprises.

In addition to these two primary purposes, toners can be formulated to do a plethora of fancier things like fight acne or further moisturize. Regardless, it’s key in keeping the skin on your face relaxed and happy.


Instructions, please.

After you cleanse and before you moisturize throw a generous amount on a cotton pad and apply it all over your face and neck. Think toner isn’t for you? Hey! You’re wrong.

Start simple by picking up a for-your-face version of Witch Hazel from your local drug store. It works like a dream, smells nice, and is so unbelievably inexpensive that you’ll still be able to afford the lipstick you’ve been lusting after. Win-win, yo.

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