Less Is More: Why Growing Up Means Going Back To The Basics

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I remember there was a time in my adolescent life where you constantly thought you needed to compete with the crowd. You needed the best of the best. You wanted to stand out with brand names so that people might remember your name. You always had a Starbucks cup in hand even if you didn’t honestly like the taste of coffee.

At some point in our lives we go through a group search for approval. We can deny that this ever happened, but we know it’s happened to all of us at different points in our lives. I know looking back I couldn’t imagine leaving the house without makeup or heels. Now, I’m lucky if I remember to wear a bra before I go run errands.

When you’re in high school, or even college, you want people to get a good idea of who you are in a first impression. That came with a certain pair of shoes, the right lip tint, a new bag each season, and a trendy outfit without even trying too hard. You might not even notice you’re doing it, but there’s a reason that trends become trends and why we used to be quicker to follow them.

I remember a time when I wanted more. I needed more so I wouldn’t feel like I was less. I remember that time in my life, but I’ve learned a lot since then — mostly about myself.

Now, when someone meets me I want the person’s first impression to be about what I do for a living, how strong my handshake is, and how I can still smile after a long day of work. It’s now time we go back to the basics.

Here’s why less is truly more:

1. Our shoes

I’m noticing it’s less about the height of your heel that’s got to hurt your feet and more about being comfortable and keeping shoelaces clean.

2. Our handbags

Can you imagine walking around with a bag with huge designer logos embossed on it? Lol, no. Bring on boutique buys and sample sale finds.

3. Our clothes

We lead such busy lives that it’s less about where you got your clothes from but how easily you can shop to look presentable and professional on the weekdays and comfortably cute on the weekends.

4. Our beverages

I’m either carrying my refillable water bottle or trying the little tiny coffee shop that’s hardly noticeable across the street. Venti no, I’ll just take a medium.

5. Our makeup

I have so much makeup from years back that I don’t even remember how to use or what it was for. I have 1239712 things to do today so doing my makeup better be the easiest process yet if I use it at all.

6. Our social media

I’m slowly saying so long to the days of posting photos that are perfectly filtered so I can get the most amount of likes. Now, I just post like “hey, this is my life, hello!” and upload to Facebook maybe once a year.

7. Our men

It’s down to the basics of what’s important. What you thought you once needed is now dumbed down to what you know in your heart is actually important for the future. It’s less about the fairy tale and more about who you want to share your coffee with until you’re old and gray.


Did you ever wonder where the term “basic bitch” came from? It took writing this entire article to realize it’s essentially the time in my life I’m glad I’ve forgotten. And it’s ironically the very opposite of basic. It’s trying to stand out by blending in. It’s trying to fit in by molding into something you were told was cool. It’s spending too much money and too much time on fads and trend factors. It’s trying too hard.

It’s about time we got back to the basics. It’s about time that the meetings outlined on my iPhone calendar matter more than my cell phone case. It’s about time that my brand of sunglasses doesn’t matter as much as where I see my future through them. It’s about time we’re comfortable enough with ourselves to just be ourselves.

It’s back to the basics in the best of ways. Does this realization mean I’m a real adult now?

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