Legendary Pacha NYC Is Closing Its Doors

Evangeline Axiotis
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It’s the end of an Era. Pacha NYC broke the news Tuesday that its doors will be closing for good in January. December marks the 10-year anniversary since the Infamous Ibiza club made its home in New York City.

The news comes to a surprise to some, but Pacha NYC owner Eddie Dean has been growing the business’ marketing side under his management group RPM Presents. They have produced events like EDC New York, Pier of Fear and Big week NYC in partnership with Pacha, but the focus has shifted away from the actual club to bigger venues and events.

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On their website you can read an emotional farewell. Six million people have danced their asses off for over 12,000 hours on that dance floor. I know I have. Many of us lost our dance virginities at Pacha, and possibly real virginities.

It’s a place that can only be described as one thing – Pacha. If you’ve never experienced a 6 a.m. morning walking out as the sun comes up on the West Side Highway, then have you ever really lived? As grimy, sweaty and packed as Pacha was, it was the only place you could go to dance all night and morning.

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There’s one thing for sure: This place was a staple in dance music and nightlife history. Legends played on those decks and continued to revolve through those doors over the course of a decade. (I won’t even bother trying to name them all). Pacha NYC became kind of birth right for DJs.

For those of us who have hung up our cherry bandanas, it’s time to bring them back for one last hurrah.

The most earth-shaking decade in the history of dance music took place on the Pacha dance floor. For 10 years, it was the home of the New York-style 24-plus-hour marathon; where EDM tested its chops and earned its stripes; where stars were born and fans were converted. This January, Pacha New York is closing its doors for good. Join @ErickMorillo for one last time on the Pacha NYC dance floor as we celebrate a Decade of Dance and our final Anniversary Party on Saturday, December 12. Read more: http:///www.pachanyc.com/10year/ Get Tickets: http://vor.us/97384 Leave your favorite Pacha memories in the comments #PachaDecade

You better believe Pacha will be going out with a bang. The month-long celebration begins on December 12 at the 10 year anniversary party with Erick Morillo.

The tribute party for legendary Pacha promoter and icon Rob Fernandez, who passed away this year, was the most stacked lineup Pacha has ever seen. If the closing parties draw in even half that lineup, then you won’t want to miss it.

You know they are going to send off Pacha the right way, especially for Rob.

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