#KKWBEAUTY: Our Inside Look At Kim’s Fab New Contouring Kit

Arielle Benasillo
Arielle Benasillo is a 23 year old New Yorker who's passion for makeup is real. Growing up with both parents as hair stylists, the skill ran in the family. She recently graduated from Make Up Forever Academy New York certifying her in beauty & fashion, theatrical, special effects makeup and body painting. Arielle is now a freelance makeup artist working on photo shoots, weddings and events, as well as being employed at Salon S for makeup artistry. On her free time she enjoys traveling, being outdoors, froyo night with her roommates, and taking advantage of bottomless brunch in Manhattan with friends.


Assuming you’re not avoiding social media at all costs or hiding under a rock, you probably already know that Kim Kardashian West, also known as the contour queen, released her own product line of Creme Contour & Highlight Kits on June 21. It was completely sold out in less than three hours, and we wouldn’t expect it any other way, now would we?

I was especially excited for this product to launch. Kim’s longtime friend and talented makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, helped her as part of the collaboration process. I was able to snatch all four shades (shout out to my boyfriend to get them within 10 minutes post launch), which also means I get to give you my thoughts. I’ll follow up with a few dupes for those that are not down to buy these sticks off eBay for four times the original price. I know, who would ever…


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* Shout out Mikela for the tutorial pics *


My first impression of the packaging was great, including the Yeezy-style shipping. I love the chic nude minimalist baggy, very Pat McGrath-esque, representing Kim quite well. However, as I cut open the packaging to get a closer look, I first noticed the applicator certainly isn’t a quality brush/sponge. The casing of the contour sticks was underwhelming, BUT we’ve all learned to not judge a book by its cover.


The consistency of the contour sticks is creamy and VERY blendable. The sticks might even be too creamy as they easily break with too much pressure, so beware because that’s just tragic and happened to Mik.

I love how compact the sticks are, but not thrilled with how little makeup is actually included. Kimmie, I think you can afford to spare a tad more, ty v much. They taper off at the end making it easy to contour smaller areas like the nose or under eye. The contour colors are pretty shades and not super warm, which is a make or break for me.

On the highlight stick, one side is shimmer and the other is matte. I’m more into the contour colors than the highlight. The matte highlight is very cakey and I think it will potentially do better as a cream eye shadow. Just remember: a lot goes a long way with the highlighters.

Overall, I’m happy with the contour/highlight stick, BUT THE BRUSH. I used one stroke with the sponge side and immediately put it down to reach for a beauty blender instead. The bristles on the kabuki brush side are also low quality and it felt like I was wiping off the products altogether. Giving the benefit of the doubt for this one because when is the brush that comes with your make up ever really THAT good? (with a few exceptions, *Hoola bronzer brush* *cough, cough*)

SO, overall I don’t regret ordering the products. My favorite is the contour sticks, and I will use them both in my professional kit and personally. They’re especially great for beginners introducing highlight and contour into your regimen.

Will I re-order?

Not sure yet. But, if you would rather skip the restock and walk over to your beauty supply stores, we’ll be publishing some dupes that work great and give similar results.