Keep Your Standards High And Your Heels Sensible: Joan Oloff’s Shoes

Lindsey Washington
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I work at a tech company, I live in New York, and when I go out, I like to stay out until 4am. All these things should tell you that wearing heels is NOT something I neither do nor enjoy. On the other hand I’m also 5’3 and do enjoy being able to get a bartender’s attention every once in a while. When I do wear heels, I’m going for the, “Hey, do you want to throw some dollars at me?” vibe. Needless to say, I was skeptical about visiting Joan Oloff’s launch event, where she advertised “sensible and comfortable high heels.” I thought to myself, why would I wear a sensible 4-inch heel when I never wear less than 5 or 6?! I then realized that I am not 20 anymore and should probably try and be a grown up about it, so I made my way to her studio to check out her collection.


At first glance I thought, “Is this everything?” I took a lap around to give them another peek and quickly started to warm up to the shoes. I saw a little section where the girls were trying them on and one by one exclaiming how comfortable they were, so I thought I’d give it a try.

This was a game changer, because once you put them on, you see how cute they really are. Like, absolutely adorable. I noticed all the fashionably dressed showroom girls were wearing Joan’s shoes and I was shocked — they were precious. After this, I took a second round and spent a little more time actually looking at the shoes. Despite my initial reaction of confusion, the shoes were actually beautiful. Finely crafted, lots of detail and very thoughtfully made. I will also admit, they were really comfortable. Did I mention that already?

I got a chance to speak to Joan and then I was really convinced — she is a podiatrist and was tired of having women in their 50’s or 60’s coming in and apologizing for their feet. She wanted to create a shoe that was cute, sensible and stylish, and wanted women in the their 20’s to start taking care of their feet early on so they could set themselves up for life.



After this conversation I took a third pass around the showroom and decided these were some shoes I would definitely wear. I was obsessed with the bright red mary jane type shoes, but couldn’t honestly think of any place I could wear them besides the occasional fancy dinner I go to.



I also loved the booties. Appearance is one thing, but once you put them on, you really fall in love.


I also want to shout out the high boots that have this amazing ‘house shaped’ (her words not mine) heel. They look super slim and stiletto-like, but are actually pretty thick and sturdy.


In the end, Joan said she wanted to make a collection of shoes that both mother and daughter could enjoy and I could not agree more with this sentiment. They have cute, fun and flirty shoes, with a splash of something for the more mature women, which I can totally appreciate. These are great grown-up shoes, perfect for a young professional and are most definitely shoes your mother (or your boss) would approve of. The price tag is a little high (around $300 – $600 per pair), but if you’re really ready to invest in protecting your feet and getting some shoes you won’t be carrying in your hands by the end of the night, it’s totally worth it.

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