Kaskade Playlist: 10 Real Reasons Why You Need A Ticket To This Tour

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House music legend Kaskade is back and he’s blessed us with his new album and tour “Automatic.” If you’ve seen him perform before, then chances are you don’t need 10 reasons (let alone one) to see him again. For those who haven’t had the Kaskade experience, or haven’t listened to his new album yet, seriously what have you been doing this whole time?

Don’t worry, he’s back in New York City this Saturday at Pier 94, the final week of the tour. And if you’re still iffy about going, here’s 10 reasons why you NEED to buy tickets ASAP. Oh and also we’ve made a little preview of what you might be hearing.

1. Be prepared to dance all night, literally

“We Don’t Stop,” the name of the opening track off “Automatic,” is extremely fitting. Kaskade is known for his 3+ hour sets into the early morning. If you want to dance ’til dawn to a great DJ set, then this is the place to be.

2. You might hear his beautiful voice singing some of his hits

Speaking of “We Don’t Stop,” this is his second song where he lays down the vocals. The first song, “Atmosphere,” was off his last album and he gave a last performance during that album’s tour. So, if you missed it then, you might get a second chance to hear it again.

3. There actually is a great guest performer — CID 

Rising new artist CID is confirmed as the supporting act. He’s featured on the song “Us,” one of my favorites off Kaskade’s album. CID is heating up right now, catching the attention of Kaskade, among other big names, with his song “Love is Blind”. You won’t want to miss his breakout performance.


4. It’s not just the music, but the production is AMAZING

Kaskade has been using the same stage he used at Coachella for his other tour stops. Lucky for New Yorkers, he’ll probably use it on Saturday too. And let me tell you, it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Besides the stage, Kaskade’s production includes lasers that will make your head spin (in a great way), plenty of confetti and fireworks.

5. You’ll get all the feels in one place

Combine his production with his music and you are 100% guaranteed to get all the feels. Kaskade knows exactly how to heighten your senses and toy with every emotion with every beat. I’ll admit, I’ve shed a tear of happiness at one or two of his shows. Get ready for some major goosebumps.

6. It’s a crowd that isn’t filled with teeny-boppers

Kaskade continues to bring in the crème of the crop as far as crowds go. You won’t be bombarded with people trying to hard-core rage for the hell of it. Everyone is united under one love, and that is Kaskade. They’re excited to hear his music. No one’s mad because they’re too busy loving life.

7. Kaskade is hyped to be there

You can tell by the way he’s been promoting this tour that it’s bound to be a good one. Kaskade is extremely proud of this album, as he should be, and his tour is a reflection of that. With the video recaps and pictures I’ve seen so far, I can assure you it will be one for the books.

8. And he has mad love for the Big Apple

Kaskade has said it himself, he loves coming back to NYC because of the energy we bring to every show (I mean who wouldn’t). He loves to personalize every show he does, so you can expect him to talk to the crowd – not in the annoying way DJs do when they won’t get off the mic – but in a down to earth sort of way that makes you feel connected to him.

9. Because he’s KASKADE

His music, his presence and his authenticity are unmatched. He’s the real deal. If you haven’t seen him before, you absolutely need to. If you have, then “Automatic” is the perfect tour for every Kaskade lover.

10. You’ll just get serious FOMO if you don’t experience “Automatic”

Do yourself a favor and buy a ticket to avoid the realest FOMO. You will regret not going once you see all the recap videos and read our next review after the show.

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