Just Add Makeup: 9 Gorgeous Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Arielle Benasillo
Arielle Benasillo is a 23 year old New Yorker who's passion for makeup is real. Growing up with both parents as hair stylists, the skill ran in the family. She recently graduated from Make Up Forever Academy New York certifying her in beauty & fashion, theatrical, special effects makeup and body painting. Arielle is now a freelance makeup artist working on photo shoots, weddings and events, as well as being employed at Salon S for makeup artistry. On her free time she enjoys traveling, being outdoors, froyo night with her roommates, and taking advantage of bottomless brunch in Manhattan with friends.

Oh shit… Halloween’s in a few days and you don’t have a costume. Happens to the best of us. For this reason, I put together a list of looks that are all about the makeup. Nothing beats a good makeup job; I mean, it’s like a handmade costume!


Little Red Riding Hood 

The only thing you really need is the red cape! Everything else is very versatile and can be used again (maybe not for your every day look, but it can be).

Tip: Nars Lip Pencil in Cruella for that fab red lip.


Ice Queen

This look is oh-so-majestical that I absolutely love it. It’s also something you don’t see as much. Bonus: you can wear colored contacts to spruce it up even more!

Tip: To apply the glitter, Too Faced has glitter glue that works really well. However, sticking glitter on your face probably isn’t an every day thing. So you probably won’t want to purchase a whole new product just for a few uses. A clear brow gel or setting spray would work fine as well.


A Deer

Doe, a deer, a female deer, etc… Be a doe! A female deer is the perfect costume and different for makeup. The best part? You can fabricate the antlers yourself, or just grab them at a halloween shop or art supply store for cheap…we likey.

Tip: The contour along the eyes nose and around the face is what really makes this looks so pretty. Too Faced Soleil Matte Bronzer is a good one for contouring, and it smells like hot chocolate… no joke it does (chocolate is the theme of Halloween too). You can also use different shades of brown eye shadow if you don’t want to purchase a bronzer.


Sugar Skull

Who doesn’t want to be a sugar skull for Halloween? It’s so cool.

Tip: A translucent or white powder is not something you can pass up when going for this look. You have to set that white so it doesn’t transfer and turn the black liner into a gray mess. Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose is a good product to use. If you have a powder at home then use that one.

Another Tip (just because sugar skulls can be intimidating): if you’re not the best at symmetry, you can go for the halfsies look. It’s a beautiful remixxxx and is way less stressful. Also, add in some gems along the outside of the eye so you don’t have to worry about the small clean circles.



I had to. I came across this and couldn’t not include this. It’s a DIY costume that is so easy to accomplish and it’s so unique.

Tip: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Liner and Lip Tar in “Pool Boy” is the perfect shade of blue for this adorable look.

This year I go as the Twitter bird.

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The Joker

Why so serious? Mwahaha. You don’t even need to step into a Halloween store for this look. Avoid the crazy Halloween traffic by searching for green and purple clothes.

Tip: Grab a teasing comb, bobby pins and a green hair spray from any beauty supply store because the hair is an awesome addition to this look!


A Cheetah

Rawr 😉 This is a sexy look that can be worn with just a black dress or shorts.

Tip: This one is all about the liner. Don’t forget to also get a good pair or lashes that fan out for cat eyes! To make the spots, use a curved eye shadow brush and dab it in black shadow and onto your face. Go back in with gold, and finally to add dimension to the spots use a black gel liner to the black shadow. Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Black is a really good one for the eyeliner, spots, nose, and whiskers!



You can be Twiggy, or a 60’s-inspired babe. Can’t go wrong with picking a decade.

Tip: Use a white liner on the bottom waterline and even a little further down to make the wide-eyed effect. Then do another line under that of black liner and apply individuals or a strip of lashes. You can even draw the lashes on with a brush, but this is a little more difficult.


Native American Warrior

You can do so many different looks for a Native American, but this one really caught my attention and I’m so into it.

Tip: Fold a piece of paper towel in half and tape the edge right above the eye. This will give you that perfectly clean line. An airbrush would be ideal, but of course not everyone has one. So, use a sponge and a cream shadow. Blend this down into yellow and then let it fade out.