QUIZ: Which Whiskey Are You?

Talia Aroshas
Talia Aroshas is a Capricorn semi vegetarian who obtained her master’s degree in the art of coat checking after four years of intense study at NYC’s mostly highly regarded titty bar. Here, she double majored in high-brow sarcasm, and graduated with honors in pungent irony. As a result, she is fluent in both languages. All coats aside, after two years as Editor in Chief of one of NYC’s leading nightlife blogs, Talia realized her greatest passion to be music and is very excited to be heading 20something’s Create vertical, mostly for the free concert access it will get her. Follow her on Instagram on all her music adventures @gangsta_rap.

The whiskey drinker is a superior breed of human — someone who enjoys the acquired taste, a down-to-earth intellectual that is equal parts rebellious and always ready to party. Sure, any whiskey lover is a lover of all whiskeys, but which dark delicacy, specifically, is the perfect match for their personality?

Well, with a little help from our friends at Cooper Spirits, we’ve written this simple eight-question quiz to help you better find the perfect whiskey for you.