It’s Out Of The Bag: Cat Footwear Debuts Newest Collection

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Fashion beats the concrete with Cat Footwear’s latest line, and they make “roughin’ it,” rain or shine, an essential part of this season’s trend.

To celebrate their latest Fall/Winter 2015 and Spring/Summer 2016 collections, the global footwear brand held a press day this past week on Wednesday, Oct. 7, at the Bryant Park South.


First known to produce durable and industrial work boots, the brand has since grown into creating fashionable lifestyle collections that are “inspired by hard work and driven by life.” Focusing more on urban 20something men and women, the Cat brand kept the best and, importantly, the worst days in mind of living in the concrete jungle while still looking the damn finest. Chin up new intern, grabbing 13 lattes (three – no foam!) in the tough New York streets will always suck, but at least your outfit is going to look a whole lot better this season.




With fresh happy hour drinks, prize giveaways, and a contest to name Cat brand’s next #Earthmover a.k.a. “brand ambassador,” attendees had the first look at the hot leather boots for the rugged and sophisticatedly stitched details for the young professional. Sweet pastel colors and rustic tribal prints define their spring/summer collection, along with neutral nudes and grays for the minimalist.

Check out all of Cat Footwear’s latest digs on their website, including an exclusive look on how their personal style editors would curate their fall collection.








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