It’s Not You, It’s Your Eyebrows: The Skinny on Brow Upkeep

Stevi Incremona
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So there’s been a lot of attention focused on the eyebrows lately — full brows, bleached brows, unruly brows, and also now … jewel covered brows? This new expression, “eyebrows on fleek,” is everywhere, and while the phrase makes me cringe, I do feel that the attention towards the weird patches of hair above our eyes is justified. If you’re an expressive person, your brows do a lot of the story telling. In addition to being able to harden or soften the face, eyebrows are also key in framing your beautiful little eyes. So, it’s important to keep them in check.


Getting started on your eyebrows:

If you’re very new at the taming of the brow, it’s best to get some professional help. You’ll want to find a salon that specializes in eyebrow shaping, then pick your poison: threading or waxing. It’s important to have someone who has actually been trained in this field to clean up your brows and help them get back to a good shape that frames and flatters your face. Don’t be afraid to be extremely open with the browista (yes, real title) about how natural, how thin, or how arched you want your brows to be. The shape they give you will serve as a basic guideline for future maintenance, so you’ll want to be happy with the look you’re leaving the salon with.

Maintaining your fleek eyebrows:

There is zero shame in making regular, professional eyebrow maintenance a part of your budgeted life — lots of ladies do it and I totally feel why. That said, these trips to the salon can get way expensive so if I can do it myself, I’m going to for sure do it myself, you feels? It may seem intimidating at first, but once you dive in you’ll understand that it’s nowhere near as intimidating as it seems. If you stay away from wax, probably stay away from wax. Don’t wax.


1. Start with tweezing

We all can tweeze with some ease.

Ditch the Unibrow

You’ll want to start with the hairs that insist on growing between your brows. I don’t think I need to really provide a motivation for this as unibrows really were just never in, you know? When you’re nearing the inner corner of each brow, make sure not to get carried away and tweeze too far in. Where your brow begins can actually change the appearance of your nose by making the width of it seem larger or smaller. Makeup artists recommend starting the inner part of your brow where it would line up with the outer corner of your nose if you were to draw an imaginary line. If you’re going for a stronger look, try allowing the brows to come even a bit further in towards the center of your face.

Bring Back the Arch

This will be easier if you do this on a regular basis — even as part of your daily makeup routine — after you first get your eyebrows done. This way, the shaping that was done will still be very easy to detect and you can immediately pluck out hairs that are breaking out of their boundaries. The longer you wait in-between tweezing, the more guessing you’ll have to do the shaping on your own. If that’s the case, ere on the side of tweezing too little. Make sure to pull back from the mirror and check out the situation to make sure you’re not getting pluck-happy. You can always go back and pull out some more unruly hairs later on.


2. Trim

Tweezing wasn’t ever a scary thing to me and the pain was never a bother. However, the idea of trimming my own brows sounded like a joke and something I could never actually do. I don’t know why it sounds so crazy. It’s just taking a miniature pair of scissors and bringing them to a close over some unwanted eyebrow hair length, but it’s totally terrifying. Take a deep breath and decide you can do this (lol).

Buy a Brow Kit

Any drugstore will sell an eyebrow grooming kit that comes with a spooley and scissors — I’m currently using one by Revlon that I got at CVS. Use the spooley (an old, but newly cleaned mascara wand will totally suffice) to brush through the brows just to see their shape one more time. Next, start at the inner corner of the eyebrow and brush the hairs upwards towards your forehead. Most of the hairs won’t reach much past the top of the brow. With your scissors, trim the length of the obvious hairs that are much longer than the rest. Before doing any more cutting, brush the brow through again to make it look neat. Continue towards the end of your brow. When you move past the arch, brush the hairs to the side, toward your hairline, instead of upwards to more clearly see the hairs with unwanted length, and trim. Repeat the process making sure to take time between each trimming to brush through the brow again. You can always retrim, but you’ll be so mad if you take too much off out of laziness.

Happy primping!

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