Is Subscription Fitness A Thing? My Experience With ClassPass

Sasha Roudenko
Sasha is originally from Russia and is currently a radiology resident in New York City. She had been dancing since age 6 and used to practice ballet and competitive ballroom dancing. Right now, she divides her time mostly between yoga, running, and the gym, however she is expecting to dance more now that she joined the ProAm Dance Team.

Everyone is talking about it – partly because of the recent increase in price – so what is it and how exactly does it work?

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The Deal on ClassPass

ClassPass is a monthly subscription service that allows its users to pay a flat monthly fee in exchange for access to many, many (I mean MANY) studios throughout NYC.

The price: Well it’s $125 now, but it used to be $99 (Damn wish I didn’t wait so long).

You can only visit each studio three times per month (one of the new rules that arose with the price increase) but honestly, with the seemingly hundreds of studios available, that hasn’t become an issue. The app itself is very user friendly and you can easily lose track of time browsing classes for the week. The one catch is that you must cancel the class no later than 24 hours before it starts or you’ll be charged late fee for missing the class — $20 for no show and $15 for late cancel. And they definitely notice. I once thought maybe I would get away with it, but surely enough, a week or two later, the late charge showed up on my credit card. Laziness lost a point there.

Yoga, Pilates, Bikram: My Ultimate ClassPass Class Experience (so far)

The variety of classes is fantastic. There’s the basic stuff: yoga, pilates, bikram, spinning, pole dancing, and general fitness classes. However, you can also find some really neat ones. I once spotted a class in Central Park for dog owners, which incorporated your favorite companions into the workout session. Dogs are not mandatory for all classes, and there are others in Central Park that incorporate the items found in the park (benches, hills, rocks, etc) to give you a workout that you will not forget.

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Those interested in exploring forms of dance have plenty of options, from jazz to ballet and contemporary in dance studios to the smaller, specialized spaces. For example, Doonya is an Indian dance studio with Bollywood dance classes that follow pretty traditional movements and music. It was definitely a class that tired me out but I was smiling through the whole thing.

Twerk Out My Workout

I also took an amazing class called “Twerkout” where we danced for an hour to rap/club/hip-hop music. The teacher had a fantastic premise: She now has kids and can’t go dancing in the club as often, so she brings the club to us! I had tons of fun in the class — partly from laughing while watching myself dance in the mirror since I’ve only danced ballet and ballroom before. The teacher was so supportive and encouraging that it didn’t matter what you looked like as long as you were having fun.

Apart from getting hooked on the cool classes at the various Crunch Gym locations (eh hem 3o-minute Jillian Michaels classes that will leave your core so sore!), I also fell in love with Anya. It’s an antigravity yoga studio that uses giant silk ropes attached to the ceilings to do various yoga postures as well as inversions in a bright, sunny, plant-filled space. That is possibly one of the most relaxing experiences out there, where you are enveloped by a giant silk hammock during shavasana and can just sink into it, allowing it to support your entire body.

Have you tried #aerialyoga yet? Get #ClassPass and get moving!

My relationship with ClassPass is relatively young (going strong since October!) but I am excited to continue exploring all the fitness options the NYC minds have come up with. My mind gets bored easily, so the variety is doing a great job at keeping me engaged on my fitness journey.

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