Is She Really Just A Friend? How To Tell If You’re Being A Paranoid GF

Katherine Moreno
Katherine Moreno is a Miami native story teller who tends to focus on culture and progression. Ultimate goal in life: to pass on the experience in fashion, business, music, finance, dating, and traveling to help shed some light for the 20somes.

Last week, 20something discussed the topic of intrusive women and how some may overstep their boundaries within your relationship with your significant other. Concluding that a female is actually trying to slide in to mess with your relationship knowing full well that you are together should be a conclusion that is derived from facts, not just bare speculations.

When your only evidence is a hunch, it becomes a recipe for disaster; this creates unnecessary drama, time wasting and frustration for both you and your man. To avoid all of that, let’s take a look at a few of the scenarios that could help you identify your situation as being either a potentially serious mess, or one created by your own paranoia.

*Important side note: these conclusions are contingent on the fact that your boyfriend isn’t a two timer and these situations are not created by him, but instead instigated by the extra female, which, of course, is not always the case.


You have a boyfriend and you’ve been dating for a few months. Pictures are posted via social media and it is known to anyone who has access to his profile on Facebook that you two are dating. A female friend of his, that you don’t know, does the following:

Scenario 1: She sends photos of herself, by herself, to his cellphone more than once a week.

– You might be spot on if this girl is sending provocative pics consistently.

– You might be paranoid if she sends selfies with her cat.

Scenario 2: She wants to hang out with your man a few days a week.

– You might be spot on if you never receive an invite. If you happen to go, she decides not to.

– You might be paranoid if they have a class together or a business meeting, and need to meet up for an assignment or specific reason.

Scenario 3: After months, you still haven’t met this girl.

– You might be spot on if you bring it up and your boyfriend quickly changes the subject and makes no effort to let you meet her.

– You might be paranoid if she works at different times than you and just hasn’t had a chance to meet you yet.

Scenario 4: He gets a lot of texts from her.

– You might be spot on if he deletes messages and hides the fact that he is talking to her.

– You might be paranoid if they have a reason for all the texting, e.g. business, school or family matters, and he shares these conversations with you.

There are so many situations that can be taken out of context, especially when it comes to other females intruding on your relationship, but you have to handle it wisely and make decisions based on facts.

To the ladies who are confused about this: let us know your scenario so we can help pinpoint whether you’re experiencing a female overstepping her boundaries, or if she’s really just a friend.